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In this section we look in more detail at the subject matter of a customer question. The Inteco team possesses a great deal of substantive knowledge within the field and we would like to share this with you.

How does a climate ceiling work?

How exactly does a climate ceiling work and what are the specific benefits for the architecture and working climate? You can read it on this page.

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Oxygen diffusion density - what is it and what should you look out for?

Oxygen is one of the most important elements that we know; it is necessary for our survival. However, it is not always desirable at every location since it can also cause all kinds of corrosion (including rust). Rust and residue in a water-carrying system can contaminate the valves and pipes of the (climate) system and eventually even clog them. Oxygen diffusion density is the key word here. In this article we explain what it is and how you can assess whether a system has a good oxygen diffusion density so that you can enjoy the comfort of your climate ceiling for a long time.

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What should the water quality of a climate ceiling meet?

A question that is frequently asked to Inteco is: "What quality must the water with which the climate ceiling be filled meet?" It is important to look at the entire water circuit, because using incorrect materials in relation to the selected registers can lead to stuck control valves, blockage or even leakage of the system.

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How do we work with Lean at Inteco?

For several years, Inteco has been training and developing itself in the field of LEAN, improvement processes and change processes. We do this to improve our processes and thereby offer our customers extra value and experience. In addition, Lean work increases the pleasure of working for our employees. Curious as to how we are approaching this and which lean projects we have already completed?

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What is the difference between full load and partial load?

An important part of the application for a climate ceiling is the determination of the cooling and heating capacities to achieve the desired room temperatures in summer and winter. This is often referred to as full load and part load. But what exactly does that mean? We explain it to you in this knowledge article.

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What is expanded metal?

Inteco often uses expanded metal in the climate ceilings. But what is it exactly and what are the benefits of this versatile material? You can read it all on this page about expanded metal and then specifically the application in a climate ceiling.

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What are the different functions of coves?

In addition to mounting the ceilings and installing the built-in components, Inteco also ensures a neat finish of the ceiling and the connection to walls and columns. Often this is done by placing closing / finishing edges or coves, but in which situations can you apply coves? We tell you all in this article.

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How can you acoustically optimize a room?

If you work in an office environment you want to be heard well, but on the other hand you don't want to be flooded with a cacophony of sound; an innate reverberation, hollow sound, noise and no privacy because everyone can listen to you. At Inteco we always look at the acoustics in the room when designing climate ceilings, in addition to heating and / or cooling capacity. In this article we explain the different ways to improve the acoustics in a room.

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An optimal indoor climate; Return for all parties

A good indoor climate in offices is a proven contribution to improving productivity, reducing absenteeism and, moreover, promoting the working atmosphere within companies. Aspects that apply to a good indoor climate include the individually adjustable room temperature, low air velocities, sufficient ventilation air, a well-lit workplace and good room acoustics. In short: benefits on a financial and user level. Read more...

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