Tailor-made solutions

We aim for optimal comfort experience

'Comfort without Compromise'. Our customisation approach goes beyond our specialisation. We make sure our tailor-made projects are perfectly compatible with related disciplines, such as air management, lighting and indoor architecture.

Inteco's vision for customisation: Comfort without Compromise

For over 20 years, Inteco has operated under the motto 'Comfort without Compromise'. We offer a complete comfort experience and make no concessions on this front. The phase when customer preferences are identified is essential within our project-based approach. We not only aim to supply climate ceilings, but also want to make sure the ceiling is fully integrated into the construction concept. We normally spend a lot of time also examining matters from perspectives outside our specific specialisation. This typifies the distinctive character of Inteco. Therefore, we do not only look at the climate ceiling, but also assist you with ideas about related expertises, such as air management, lighting and indoor architecture. Our climate systems contribute to a comfortable indoor climate.

What do customers want and what is possible within the building

When trying to realise the best possible comfort experience, Inteco not only excels in its tangible materials and functionalities, but also in our expertises and professional project management. We assist you with ideas during the whole project and aim to offer you complete peace of mind. When it comes to aesthetics, we adopt a proactive approach and carefully calculate everything so unsightly finishes are avoided. For instance, grid edges which are not in line with other architectural features. Such attention to detail is second nature at Inteco and helps to perfectly integrate our ceilings into the surrounding space. For more examples and inspiration, please refer to our projects page.

Customisation details incorporated into detailed drawings

Customisation often involves the distinctive details of a project. Therefore, besides hydraulic calculations, we think it is very important to incorporate customisation details into our drawings. And our drawing work is not only restricted to our ceilings. As already stated, we also examine related disciplines and examine how they can be integrated into the ceiling concept. If necessary, we will identify bottlenecks and make improvement proposals.

We deal with every workplace as if we have to spend every day working there.

What does a customisation process at Inteco look like? We always set up a multi-disciplinary team when dealing with customer needs and customisation issues. They brainstorm together with the R&D department and identify potential solutions. We can immediately produce solutions as prototypes in our factory and install them in the mock-up area. We then invite clients to assess the aesthetic appeal of the solution and make improvements if necessary. If necessary, we will test the application in Inteco's in-house testing area for pre-requisites such as capacity and diffusion resistance. The whole process offers customers extra certainty about the quality and aesthetic appeal of their customised projects.

We are Lean!

We are Lean! Thanks to our lean approach, we have been able to standardise customisation processes for production and project management. We implement the one-piece-flow principle in our production facility, which means we do not produce complete projects, but comprehensive units like e.g. whole storeys. The result: short process times, no unnecessary storage costs and time to deal with unforeseen construction complications. In short: we are literally and figuratively able to address every detail of your customisation process! Check out our projects and see which customisation challenges we are able to deal with.

We are always open to customisation challenges. We think, we do and we dare!

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