Climate ceilings

The highest standard in climate-controlled areas.

Are you looking for the perfect indoor climate for your office, care institution, educational building or residential centre? Climate ceilings, or in other words a ceiling with radiant panels, offer you everything needed to realise this. A climate ceiling is perfect for creating comfortable indoor climates.


Expanded metal climate ceilings

Unprecedented possibilities

Inteco's expanded metal climate ceilings are unique on the market. The product is so easily shaped that it can be adapted to the architect's concept. The expanded metal products’ capacities are so outstanding that it really is top class.

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Panel Climate Ceilings

Visual, acoustical and thermal comfort in one system.

The PareauLux linear climate ceilings have been created through a collaboration of two top players in the (climate) ceiling industry. Hunter Douglas for the distinctive design and material use of the panels and Inteco for the innovative climate system with an extremely high cooling capacity.

In this PareauLux video Paul Ruijgrok and Arie Groeneveld explain the unique properties of this product.

Samenwerkingsverband Hunter Douglas & Inteco

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Metal climate ceilings

Unprecedented choice

Many companies and offices are developing a new and contemporary style of work, which is characterised by flexibility and efficiency. Architects are responding to this with ceilings that are easy to modify, among other things. Inteco's metal climate ceilings offer unprecedented choice and surprising application possibilities.

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Climate ceilings islands

A different experience of space

Only a part of the architectural ceiling is covered with climate ceiling islands which gives the possibility to let some of the construction parts in sight. This layout will give the ceiling an 'industrial' look.


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Hybride Climate ceilings

A perfect combination of durability and comfort

With a combination of both Phaseo and a waterborne climate ceiling, an optimal indoor climate is achieved, as the advantages of both types of climate ceilings can be used in one room.

Here, the Phaseo ceiling regulates the temperature within a room and, when more extreme temperatures are reached, the waterborne climate ceiling can absorb these peaks. This thus ensures an excellent indoor climate under all conditions.

When a hybrid climate ceiling is used in a building, there is still a reduction in the load on the energy network. Thus, with cooling you save between 30% and 70%, and with heating you can save up to 25% on your energy network. These savings eliminate the need to install large energy generators.


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