PareauLux Project

Perfect indoor climate

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The Munthof

Apply expanded metal climate ceiling islands between existing beams

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Nordea Copenhagen

The ceiling panels not only had to be phased in, they also had to be mounted at an angle.

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The Inteco Team

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Inteco's vision for customisation: Comfort without Compromise

For over 20 years, Inteco has operated under the motto 'Comfort without Compromise'. We offer a complete comfort experience and make no concessions on this front. The phase when customer preferences are identified is essential within our project-based approach. We not only aim to supply climate ceilings, but also want to make sure the ceiling is fully integrated into the construction concept. We do not only look at the climate ceiling, but also assist you with ideas about related expertises, such as air management, lighting and indoor architecture.

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Two top players join forces for an ultimate comfort experience: PareaLux Climate Systems - Visual, acoustic and thermal comfort in one system.

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City Hall Woerden

Development of smart facade coves and taking into account low installation height

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Inteco supplies climate solutions with a distinctive character.

We do this by making use of climate ceilings, induction units and hybrid ceilings. The Inteco climate experience fits in with people's comfort requirements, the aesthetic eye of a designer and the technical requirements of a building. Every project is custom-built as we have our own R&D, engineering, production and assembly departments. It is not without reason that our motto is: ‘Comfort without compromise’. Our head office is in Boxtel, but we are also internationally active in Luxembourg, Belgium, Denmark and other countries. Our progressive service, quality guarantee and our constant customer focus make Inteco a reliable partner. That is the distinctive character of Inteco.

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The Inteco knowledge base - background articles

Knowledge base climate ceilingThe experts at Inteco have a great deal of substantive knowledge in the area of climate ceilings and we would like to share this with you. On the Inteco knowledge base you will find in-depth information on topics such as water quality, full load and partial load, sound absorption and reduction, oxygen diffusion density and lean.

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Your trusted partner in

Climate ceilings

Climate ceilings

The highest standard in climate-controlled areas.

Are you looking for the perfect indoor climate for your office, care institution, teaching building or residential centre? Climate ceilings offer you everything needed to realise this. A climate ceiling is perfect for creating comfortable indoor climates.

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Induction units

Induction units

The highest level of comfort and functionality

The in-house developed Vivesco ceiling induction units are ideal for cooling, heating and ventilation. Patented functionalities for effective comfort and performance.

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Other products

Other products

Grids, lighting, built-in components and energy hedges

Inteco has developed various integration applications in terms of grids, lighting and other integrated components. When doing so, we work with renowned partners in the market.

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