How does a climate ceiling work and what are the benefits?

A climate ceiling is a (metal) ceiling with water-transporting elements through which hot and cold water flows. This heats or cools the room through radiation and creates a very comfortable feeling without, for example, draughts or dry air. 

We further describe how this unique product works and we list the benefits on this page.

How a climate ceiling works

The foundation is a structural (metal) ceiling with water-transporting climate elements (pipe meanders). Cold or hot water flows through the radiation panels and therefore the entire ceiling acts as a delivery system.

In practice, this means that the hot air rises to the ceiling and is cooled by the cold climate system, i.e. the radiation panel. This creates a pleasant and uniform temperature in the room. You can also heat an office by having hot water flow through the cooling ceiling. The energy exchange will then mainly take place based on radiation. This guarantees a very comfortable feeling because a transport medium such as air is not needed. This in contrast with traditional systems such as fan coil units and air-conditioning systems where the energy transfer takes place by means of (forced) hot or cold air. This creates a draught and noise. Very little integration height is needed because smaller air ducts are used in relation to climate ceilings since only air for ventilation purposes is transported.

Another benefit is that you can set the temperature of a climate ceiling per room or controlled zone. A motor-operated valve is driven depending on the set and measured temperature that controls the water supply to the climate system. The quantity of water over the ceiling determines the capacity supplied by the climate ceiling and therefore the temperature in the room. In addition, you can achieve noise absorption and insulation for a room by including an acoustic package. This ensures that the noise produced in the room is dampened and the noise transfer from adjacent rooms is stopped.

As last but just as important are the energy efficiency and sustainability of the system. If we look at the application of climate ceilings in general, the climate system ensures that the energy consumption of a building is minimal. It delivers a considerable reduction in costs when compared to conventional methods for cooling and heating. This is not just financially attractive, but also better for the environment. A climate ceiling is always part of a complete system within this context. Comfort and energy efficiency as a system can be found in the combination of climate ceilings, heat pumps and underground thermal energy storage. It is for good reason that you will often find that a climate ceiling has been used in a building that has been certified as ‘BREEAM outstanding’.

Cooling with climate ceiling - Water as the energy carrier

Cooling capacity delivered by radiation (no air movement = comfortable)
Very little plenum height required because of smaller air ducts (less air needed)

Cooling using a conventional system (for example, an air-conditioning system) --> Air as the energy carrier

Cooling capacity delivered by the supply of much cold air (draught)
The required plenum height is considerable because large air ducts are used

Why opt for a climate ceiling?

♦ The foundation for a good indoor climate.
♦ The finishing touch of a building.
♦ Added value in relation to a sustainable design.
♦ A good investment for the long term.

Sustainability benefits

  • Low operational costs:
    - Low energy costs
    - Maintenance-free system
  • Long service life (> 20 years);
  • Positive impact on obtaining sustainability certificates such as the BREEAM one.

Benefits for architecture

  • Climate systems are adjusted to the building modulation.
  • The climate technology is integrated invisibly into the ceiling.
  • The ceiling forms a distinctive element within the entire architecture.
  • Very little plenum height is required.
  • Inteco works together with well-known partners in relation to lighting and air vents.

Work climate benefits

  • Always a comfortable and uniform temperature through radiation and high cooling and heating capacities;
  • Low air speeds and therefore no draughts and dust movement;
  • High acoustic comfort; silent system – and pleasant acoustics because of the noise damping capacity of the ceiling panels.
  • The option of controlling rooms individually based on temperature.

Management benefits

  • Maintenance-free system
  • Long service life (> 20 years);
  • Always easy access to the plenum;
    (easy access to the systems on top of the ceiling)

Inteco climate ceilings

Recapitulation of the systems

Inteco has three climate system types: a copper, a plastic diffusion-open and a plastic diffusion-closed climate system. These systems can be used in the following ceiling types:

  • Metal climate ceilings;
  • Expanded metal climate ceilings;
  • Panel climate ceilings;
  • Climate ceiling islands;
  • Stucco climate ceilings;

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The power of a climate ceiling

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