Not only looking at the here and now, but also considering the future.

We take the environment and future generations into account by minimising environmental burden, ensuring effective value retention and reducing energy consumption.

Inteco acts with the future in mind.

High quality materials for a long life-span.

We opt for high quality materials in order to guarantee a long life-span. Inteco's ceiling solutions go hand-in-hand with the life cycle of the building. This is not only environment-friendly, but also offers the most financial benefits to clients.

Taking into account what happens to ceilings after their life-span.

When designing our products and selecting materials, we already consider what will happen at the end of their life-span - thus the circular economy. One of the principles of our R&D department involves maximising the value retention of our components. We do this by working on technical innovations like, for example, natural materials or product recyclability. We have our own production facility, R&D department, testing area and mock-up department, which means we can be very creative and flexible when responding to sustainability-related opportunities. We focus very closely on opportunities in the market as well as customer requests in the field of sustainability. All innovation projects at Inteco are managed by a multi-disciplinary team so all relevant building expertises are considered during development.

Integrating sustainability into work processes.

In addition, Inteco also places great focus on process innovations. When doing so, sustainability serves as a benchmark. ‘Are we releasing harmful emissions during production?’, ‘Can ceiling components be easily removed for re-use?’, ‘How and where do we allow components to be returned?’. Sustainability issues addressed at Inteco.

Climate ceilings as an energy-saving measure.

In general, climate ceilings help to keep energy consumption in the building to a minimum. They help to significantly reduce costs compared to conventional methods for cooling and heating. They are not only financially appealing, but also have a positive effect on the environment. In addition, climate ceilings are always part of a complete system. The comfort and energy-efficiency of systems is realised by combining climate ceilings, heat pumps and storage in the ground. So it should come as no surprise to learn that buildings with a BREEAM score of 'excellent' also feature climate ceilings. Does your company want to be front-runner in the market when it comes to sustainability? Do you have an issue or are you looking for a partner to assist you with ideas and support? Then please feel free to contact one of our advisers!

We are always open to new challenges. We think, we do and we dare!

Paul Ruijgrok
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