Corporate social responsibility

How can we, as an organisation, make sure we are part of society?

Inteco's CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) vision positions society as a cocoon around our organisation. Our organisation is part of society, and that's something we always consider in our business activities. We do this in a responsible manner in order to safeguard the future of our organisation as well as the employment opportunities we create. These are nice words, but what are our actions? How can we, as an organisation, show we are part of society?

Reflection is the basis for responsible entrepreneurship

Firstly, we do this by ensuring effective foundations We make an honest assessment of our production and business process. Are there opportunities to use fewer chemicals; Can we replace synthetic materials with natural materials? For instance, we have developed an energy hedge which plays a major role in reducing daily energy consumption in our offices and production facility.

We also want our employees to experience the maximum comfort we recommend to our customers.

In addition, we examine how we can allow our employees to perform their activities as comfortably as possible. We have done this by installing climate ceilings in all work areas, and by modifying lighting to suit the type of work they carry out. Result? Comfort as well as energy savings.

Why? A social conscience is inherent to our organisation and the people who work there. It's part of Inteco's DNA.

Even before the term Corporate Social Responsibility became popular, Inteco had opened its doors to people with difficulties in the labour market. They are not only a valuable part our society, but also possess valuable skills for the industrial sector. With a bit of extra guidance and consultation, we have been able to offer employment to many people in such circumstances. Inteco is proud that its workforce is a nice mix of people from a variety of backgrounds, each of whom make a unique contribution to Inteco's business activities!

We also play our part in local projects that focus on creating benefits for society as a whole.