Our approach

Each project deserves a tailor-made approach.

It is essential to offer an effective and distinctive product. But it is equally important to make sure the project flows smoothly. Inteco's project management department can boast combined experience of 230 years, which means you can relinquish complete control of your project and not worry about a thing. We not only work within the Netherlands, but are also a reliable partner for international construction projects. We give you complete peace of mind by effectively using our knowledge and experience for installation and structural issues.

And we look beyond our own horizons when doing so. We not only aim to supply climate ceilings, but also want to make sure ceilings are fully integrated into the construction concept. This unique approach, which has been incorporated into all our processes, allows us to offer tailor-made solutions for every project. An essential part of this approach involves integrating in-built components in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Over the years, our Lean approach has allowed us to standardise our customisation processes, which means projects can be realised in a timely manner.

Inteco's project management gives you peace of mind when it comes to:


Inteco works with fixed in-house teams that are always familiar with the ins and outs of your project. Each team has been compiled to offer the perfect mix of knowledge, inspiration and experience for your tailor-made project. Our employees have been trained to work in accordance with Lean methodology, which means they can offer you the best possible service. We do this in collaboration with our clients, partners and suppliers. This approach leads to fast processes and lower costs. Our existing customers can testify exactly how much we focus on quality, but we will also be pleased to demonstrate this via testing reports and ISO certifications. For our certifications and testing reports, please refer to our knowledge database.

Coordination and planning

Initiative is a key word in our coordinating role. Because we want to offer peace of mind, we proactively attempt to effectively integrate all facilities and in-built components into the climate ceiling. We continue to focus on our coordination role throughout the project, which allows us to free up valuable time.

The coordinating role assumed by Inteco includes defining integral Lean planning with the whole construction team. Inteco's project leaders will make sure that all deadlines are met. We safeguard this internally via an efficient work structure and reflection with team members during daily stands and improvement boards. We realise this externally via close contact, work procedures and coordination with suppliers.


With Inteco as partner, you can be sure of complete and detailed drawings and calculations. We will offer you the following as standard:
- Detailed drawings;
- Lighting calculations, air vent calculations; hydraulic calculations;
- Mounting and production drawings;
- Material lists.

Inteco is BIM ready!

Customisation often involves the distinctive details of a project. Therefore, we think it is very important to carefully define these customisation details for you. And our drawings are not only restricted to ceilings. We also examine related disciplines and see how they can be integrated into the construction concept. If necessary, we will identify bottlenecks and make improvement proposals.

Inteco is a front runner in the market when it comes to the trend of BIM integration. We are BIM Ready! We like working with you to develop a 3D prototype for the construction concept. We also take our coordination role very seriously in this process. We implement clash control and because of this we also consider factors beyond our expertise. As already stated, our aim is not to just realise the climate ceiling, but to see how it can be integrated into the construction concept.


When attempting to realise our vision for integrating ceilings into the construction concept, we often encounter issues that need us to develop tailor-made solutions. Our approach, in-house R&D department and our production facility allow us to flexibly respond to your preferences. We always set up a multi-disciplinary team when dealing with customisation issues. They brainstorm together with the R&D department and identify potential solutions. We can immediately produce the solution in our factory and install it as a test application in the mock-up area. We then invite clients to assess the aesthetic appeal of the solution and make improvements if necessary. If required, we can test the solution in Inteco's own testing area, which complies with all guidelines when it comes to requirements such as capacity.

The whole process offers customers extra certainty about the quality and aesthetic appeal of their tailor-made solutions.


Production can start once all customer preferences have been met in the mock-up. We have adopted a Lean approach for our methods and equipment, which means we can supply ceiling components per department or sub-project and not just as a whole project. This comes with many benefits, like eliminating storage costs and offering time to deal with unforeseen construction complications. In terms of installation, we aim to supply prefab components wherever possible, so on-site efforts can be reduced when installing the ceiling.


Installation activities can flow smoothly because we supply prefab components and implement Lean methodology. In addition, we have been working with fixed installation partners for many years, who are completely familiar with Inteco's methods. Inteco is synonymous with clear agreements, professionalism and flexibility. That's something you can always rely on! Finally, they can always fall back on detailed installation drawings, which they receive for each specific project.


The handover process includes the moment when we proudly hand over the completed ceiling. We will only be satisfied once all preferences discussed with the customer have been met. We once again play a coordination role and manage the structural and mechanical handover. In addition, we schedule an appointment to evaluate the project. The evaluation represents an important moment for reflecting about the past and making agreements for the future. It is not seen as the end of the process, but the start of a long-term relationship based in mutual reliance and trust.


More and more clients, like landlords, are contacting us to make adjustments to ceilings to cater for new tenants and their specific preferences. In this case, Inteco's advisers can assist you with ideas about potential solutions. But we can also help you when redesigning areas, or when dealing with changing user preferences in relation to acoustics or capacity.

Inteco aims to create high quality and maintenance-free ceilings but, should you encounter an emergency with your ceiling, we advise you to immediately contact us by phoning the general Inteco number (+31 411 658800) or by sending an e-mail to We will then examine which team members were involved in your project and assist you with your request as soon as possible.