Renovation is an smart choice at A locations.

More and more people are selecting renovation instead of new-builds. Expensive A locations in cities often feature eye-catching or characteristic buildings, and people want to retain their authentic appearance. In addition, the renovation process often tends to be a lot shorter than new-builds, which means end users can return to work a lot sooner.

Climate ceilings are ideal for buildings with limited storey height.

In renovation processes, limited storey height can often be problematic when one considers the integration height needed for standard installations. On the one hand, because architects and end users want ceilings to be as high as possible. On the other hand, there must be a minimum ceiling height because of guidelines or connections with existing façades. In addition, only limited storey height tends to be available in a lot of cases. In such cases, it must be possible to integrate installations for a comfortable thermal and acoustic indoor climate, as well as lighting, in a limited amount of space. Inteco's climate ceilings allow all these requirements to be met. For instance, Inteco has developed space-saving integration solutions for light fixtures and air vents, which means less plenum height is needed. Furthermore, it is possible to use smaller air ducts because only ventilation air needs to be transported. In some cases, it is even possible to realise a ceiling higher than the original situation.

A tailor-made climate ceiling concept for each building.

Inteco has a comprehensive range of products, which means we can implement various types of ceilings for a variety of issues. For each building, we examine what type of ceiling meets requirements when it comes to comfort, performance, design and sustainability. Climate ceilings can also be a great choice when dealing with the 'new way of working', where buildings must be designed in accordance with user needs. For instance, a meeting area has different cooling needs and aesthetic requirements than a quiet room. By taking a close look at each unique space, a substantial difference can be made in the offered capacity and sense of space.

Architecture is the most important factor, not the ceiling solution.

Design often plays a decisive role in renovation projects. The building and architecture are the two most important factors, not the ceiling solution. The dimensions of the ceiling, and all components used in it, are fully matched to the building concept. This requires expertise, tailor-made solutions and a lot of creativity. Inteco employs professionals with considerable experience in metal ceilings, acoustics and installation technology, which means they can be innovative in each project when it comes to product implementation, materials, technology and design We use our expertises to create effective solutions that respect and even enhance the authentic characteristics of buildings. It is not without reason that our motto is: Comfort without Compromise.

A distinctive design without making concessions in comfort and capacity.

People often think that concessions in comfort or capacity need to be made if design is the most important factor. But this couldn't be further from the truth. Comfort, capacity and tailor-made solutions go hand in hand at Inteco. Inteco is proud to offer the highest capacity in the market when it comes to climate ceilings. For example, the patented MeandRo-V version, which is ideal for customisation and thus renovation, and also offers extremely high capacity.

That is the distinctive character of Inteco.

Check out our projects for renovation-related inspiration or please feel free to contact one of our advisers.

We are always open to new renovation challenges. We think, we do and we dare!

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