Climate ceilings - Phaseo (PCM)

Phaseo, Inteco's sustainable solution for improving the indoor climate.

PCM stands for Phase Change Materials and contributes to optimizing the indoor climate without adding extra pressure on the energy network. The Phaseo climate ceiling ensures a comfortable indoor climate in an organic way, resulting in energy and cost savings.

Phaseo Elements

Increase your comfort, decrease your energy consumption.

The Phaseo Elements® climate system, developed and patented by Orange Climate, is a hard HDPE element containing an environmentally friendly inorganic salt mixed with water (PCM). Each element measures 570 x 275 mm and is available in a Linear Grid or a T-grid.

The Phaseo Elements consist of a loose insert system that can be retrofitted or removed afterward. The installation flexibility also makes it easy to attach elements during a renovation or refurbishment. Because the elements comprise a loose insert system, this significantly promotes the construction process; complex pipes and connections above the ceiling are not required.

Activating approximately 60% of the ceiling achieves an even temperature distribution, resulting in the best possible energy transfer and unparalleled performance.

The Phaseo Elements have a lifespan of over 40 years and are cradle-to-cradle certified. Want more information about the elements? Check out our Elements page.


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Phaseo Packs

Sustain your building and optimize your acoustics.

The Phaseo Packs, developed and patented by Orange Climate, consist of a package containing environmentally friendly inorganic salt mixed with water (PCM). The Phaseo Packs are designed for use in a Linear Grid.

The Phaseo Packs offer the same benefits as the Phaseo Elements; they consist of an insert system that simplifies the construction process and makes it easy to add the product during a renovation or refurbishment. Existing metal ceilings can thus be easily equipped with Phaseo Activation.

In addition to the advantages shared by the Phaseo Elements, the Phaseo Packs also include an acoustic package in the panel that acts as thermal insulation. This ensures that the acoustics in a room are perceived as highly pleasant.

Interested in learning more about the Phaseo Packs? Click on this link to visit our Phaseo Packs Page.


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Phaseo climate ceilings

A Phaseo climate ceiling is a structural (metal) ceiling equipped with Phaseo Elements or Phaseo Packs, allowing the ceiling to function as a thermal accumulator.

By absorbing heat, the material melts at this temperature (and retains this heat). While melting, the material absorbs large amounts of heat from the surroundings. This results in the surroundings becoming cooler.

Once the outside air temperature drops below the 'programmed' temperature, the material solidifies again, releasing heat into the surroundings. The environment warms up again (or ventilation is applied to dissipate the heat).

This provides a very comfortable, stable indoor climate and optimal climate control. With a climate ceiling, spaces can be efficiently, pleasantly, quietly, and draft-free cooled.

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