Our organisation

We like to manage everything ourselves in order to offer a high level of flexibility and creativity to our customers.

Inteco's head office is based in Boxtel. Besides our sales, project management and engineering departments, we also have an in-house production facility, R&D department, testing area and mock-up department. Inteco's advisers will be pleased to welcome you for a guided tour!

Maximum flexibility due to own production facility.

We started our own production facility in 1998. This is aimed at maximising flexibility and being creative when assisting our customers. This is only possible if your organisation fully controls everything that goes on. When it comes to special components, like metal plates, we have fixed suppliers who are familiar with Inteco's Lean approach. And we are proud of the results: an effective and efficient production flow, with as few transport movements as possible, which results in time savings, flexibility and creativity for clients.

An effective development process thanks to in-house testing area and mock-up department.

Besides our own production facility, we also run our own testing area and mock-up department. The testing area has been constructed in accordance with market norms and we are even able to simulate situations involving weather influences for example. When the R&D department develops a new application, it will first be produced in the factory. Its functionality can then be evaluated in the testing area and aesthetic quality can be evaluated via a mock-up. We will only have a product officially tested, by an official institution like Peutz BV in the Netherlands or HLK in Germany, once we are sure it works properly because: Inteco is synonymous with quality and reliability. But our testing area is not only restricted to testing Inteco's product innovations. Certain tailor-made projects for clients are perfectly suited to being tested in this environment. We use a duel session to examine the design together with the client, and make changes if necessary. Clear and effective.

One piece flow based on Lean methodology.

We also started implementing Lean methods in our factory in 2015. This involves consciously examining our processes and implementing improvements to increase customer value. We work in accordance with the one-piece-flow principle, which means we do not produce complete projects, but comprehensive units like areas, storeys or building components. Exactly what our clients expect; short process times, no unnecessary storage costs and room for unforeseen building complications. Are you curious about our production facility or testing area, and would you like to take a look around?

Inteco's advisers are ready to assist you and will be pleased to show you around!