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Head office in Boxtel

We are pleased to invite you to our head office in Boxtel. Besides our sales, project management, R&D and engineering departments, our factory is also located there. This includes an in-house testing area and a mock-up department. You will be warmly welcomed and our advisers will be pleased to show you around!

Inteco supplies climate solutions with a distinctive character.

We do this by making use of climate ceilings, induction units and hybrid ceilings. The Inteco climate experience fits in with people's comfort requirements, the aesthetic eye of a designer and the technical requirements of a building. Every project is custom-built as we have our own R&D, engineering, production and assembly departments. It is not without reason that our motto is: Comfort without Compromise. Our head office is in Boxtel, but we are also internationally active in Luxembourg, Belgium, Denmark and other countries. Our progressive service, quality guarantee and our constant customer focus make Inteco a reliable partner. That is the distinctive character of Inteco.

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Our employees

Our employees… the driving force behind all our great projects. Every person has his or her special expertise and specialities. But one factor unites everyone: passion for Inteco and the projects we want to realise. This page features a few faces, but feel free to look further and discover the whole Inteco team!

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Our approach

It is essential to offer an effective and distinctive product. But it is equally important to make sure the project flows smoothly. Inteco's project management department can boast combined experience of 230 years, which means you can relinquish complete control of your project and not worry about a thing. We not only work within the Netherlands, but are also a reliable partner for international construction projects.

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In-house production facility, R&D department, testing area and mock-up department.

We started our own production facility in 1998. This is aimed at maximising flexibility and being creative when assisting our customers. This is only possible if your organisation fully controls everything that goes on. When it comes to special components, like metal plates, we have fixed suppliers who are familiar with Inteco's Lean approach. And we are proud of the results: an effective and efficient production flow, with as few transport movements as possible, which results in time savings, flexibility and creativity for clients.

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