Climate ceilings

The highest standard in climate-controlled areas.

Are you looking for the perfect indoor climate for your office, care institution, educational building or residential centre? Climate ceilings, or in other words a ceiling with radiant panels, offer you everything needed to realise this. A climate ceiling is perfect for creating comfortable indoor climates.


Metal climate ceilings

Unprecedented choice

Many companies and offices are developing a new and contemporary style of work, which is characterised by flexibility and efficiency. Architects are responding to this with ceilings that are easy to modify, among other things. Inteco's metal climate ceilings offer unprecedented choice and surprising application possibilities.

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Expanded metal climate ceilings

Unprecedented possibilities

Inteco's expanded metal climate ceilings are unique on the market. The product is so easily shaped that it can be adapted to the architect's concept. The expanded metal products’ capacities are so outstanding that it really is top class.

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Climate ceilings islands

A different experience of space

Only a part of the architectural ceiling is covered with climate ceiling islands which gives the possibility to let some of the construction parts in sight. This layout will give the ceiling an 'industrial' look.


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Stucco climate ceilings

Elegance by simplicity

The climate ceilings offer unprecedented possibilities and a choice of styles, appearances, formats, functions and performance.

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