MOL campus Budapest, Hungary


The Budapest skyline gets a stunning addition with the new headquarters of MOL, one of the largest gas and oil suppliers in the region. The building will receive the 'tallest building in Hungary' status, since after the design a limit has been set for the permitted height of no less than 120 meters.

The new building is a vision of the workplace of the future in which sustainability is central. The unique shape of the building integrates a 28-storey tower with a campus, creating a sense of belonging. Greenery follows the same path and brings nature closer to the workplace. For example, natural elements run through the heart of the building, from the central atrium on the ground floor, which are connected to aerial gardens throughout the tower, and open into a public garden at the top of the building. There, the building provides the city with a unique vantage point with a public garden and beautiful views of the capital and the river.

Large glass façade requires a climate ceiling with an extremely high cooling capacity


The enormous amount of glass facade creates high heat loads. Already in 2019, together with technical supervisor and consultant, CÉH and with the client, MOL, started a search for a climate system that could meet this high cooling demand. They came up with the patented Inteco MeandRo-V system that delivers a maximum cooling capacity of 155 W per m² of ceiling surface. Since August 2019, Inteco's consultants and engineers have started a design process in which we have had a lot of contact with the architects from London, Berlin and Budapest.

At the moment we are working on an accurate quality control at our production location and at the end of this month we will start with the first delivery of a total of 28,000 m² expanded metal climate ceiling. In the coming months we will of course keep you informed of the progress of this unique project.

Below a nice animation video of the project:




Specifications partners/customers

Owner / end user:
MOL Plc.
Finta Studio / KINZO / Foster and Partners
MOL Ingatlankezelő Ltd.
Contractor / Installer:
Market Építő Zrt.
Technical supervisor and consultant:

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When doing so, sustainability serves as a benchmark

Inteco's ceiling solutions go hand-in-hand with the life cycle of the building. This is not only environment-friendly, but also offers the most financial benefits to clients. We also take into account what will happen to ceilings after their life span.

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Comfort without Compromise

We develop concepts that enhance the aesthetic or historical characteristics of a building while realising comfort and performance-related benefits associated with climate ceilings.

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