MeandRo-V expanded metal

Copper climate system on expanded metal for extremely high cooling capacity

The patented and officially tested MeandRo-V climate ceiling guarantees an extremely high cooling capacity, heating and flexibility in design.

The system consists of ceiling panels made of fine-mesh expanded metal to which copper pipe meanders are soldered. Due to the open structure of the expanded metal, in addition to a radiation emission, a very high convective emission is also obtained. This allows the system to generate a doubling of cooling capacity compared to a traditional climate ceiling.

Since the expanded metal is used as a visible product, the architect's design is the starting point. For example, the expanded metal system is available in various mesh sizes and the color can also be adjusted to the wishes of the client. In addition, the expanded metal has a so-called grain as a result of which the material has a different degree of transparency from different viewing directions. For instance, the material allows one to choose between a closed-view and an open-view. In short, numerous possibilities to apply this ceiling for specific wishes.

The expanded metal can be integrated in various ways, such as:

  • In C-grid ceilings;
  • As free-hanging island made from only expanded metal;
  • As part of a panel or profile-based frame;
  • Invisibly incorporated above a structural louvre ceiling or other type of ceiling with an open structure;
  • In a standard T girder system. This means a standard mineral ceiling can be quickly transformed into a climate ceiling with very high cooling capacity.

Product characteristics of Inteco climate ceiling featuring a MeandRo-V climate system:

Comfort benefits:

  • Cooling and heating (heating possible under certain conditions);
  • Very high cooling capacities, which higher convective share;
  • Uniform temperature distribution (comfortable);
  • Noise absorption possible;
  • High reaction speed (for changing water temperatures and volumes).

System characteristics:

  • Diffusion-proof system;
  • Suitable for change-over systems;
  • Very suitable for completely separate system for cooling and heating (Combi elements);
  • Low integration height (reduces building height in new-builds/suitable for renovations);
  • Flexible shapes and design;
  • High-tech appearance.

Operating benefits:

  • Energy-efficient (low energy costs/low CO2 burden);
  • Maintenance free (low exploitation costs);
  • Complete access to the plenum (for maintenance);
  • CE markings;
  • Long life-span (> 20 years).

Available in several versions, incl.:

  • Open climate ceiling in whole area: approx. 150 W/m2; (ΔTwater = 3 K);
  • Island with 60 mm closed plenum compared to acoustic package: approx. 85 W/m2;
  • Island with 30 mm plenum and open strips in acoustic package: approx. 130 W/m2;
  • Passive convection strip: approx. 190 W/m2;

The cooling capacities above are based on ΔT= 8K (difference between area temperature and average water temperature). The cooling capacity is determined by the rolling motion (in air) generated by the MeandRo-V climate ceiling. * Heating unsuitable for high areas.

Would you like to compare the MeandRo-V system with our other climate systems?


The MeandRo-V element can be visibly or invisibly incorporated into the ceiling and allow air in the relevant space to circulate through it, therefore creating higher convection transfer compared to conventional climate ceilings. In conventional climate ceilings, where the climate element is enclosed between a metal panel and the acoustic package, approx. 60% of the cooling capacity is transferred via radiation and approx. 40% via convection. That is why they are often referred to as radiant ceilings. The MeandRo-V climate ceiling realises a (much) higher convective contribution. The convective contribution is 70% in completely open MeandRo-V ceilings, which means cooling capacity has been doubled compared to a radiant ceiling. The rolling air created by the MeandRo-V climate ceiling is uniform, silent and has low speeds, and does not reach the living zone. The MeandRo-V climate system can distinguish itself from convective climate systems due to the ease with which high cooling capacities are realised.

In principle, the MeandRo-V climate ceiling can also be heated. Even when cooling, the increase in convective transfer improves the capacity realised via water. Because hot air rises, ceiling height and the injected ventilation air will determine what contribution the convective part of the heating capacity makes to thermal comfort in the relevant living area.

The MeandRo-V climate ceiling can be fitted with noise-absorbing material. Depending on the structure, noise-absorbing material could hinder the connective effect and hinder the generated cooling capacity. Maximum cooling capacity is realised by creating the largest possible air shaft above MeandRo-V climate elements and by placing acoustic material directly against the under-side of the structural ceiling.

The MeandRo element is incorporated into the ceiling panel in Inteco's own production facility. This element consists of a copper pipe for water supply, measuring 8 x 0.5 mm and running back and forth, the full length of which is soldered on to aluminium expanded metal with an open structure. The expanded metal helps to laterally transport heat. And effectiveness is increased significantly because the pipes run in a perpendicular direction. The large surface and the open structure ensure effective and uniform heat transfer between the MeandRo-V element and the relevant area (air). During the heating process, the MeandRo-V element serves as a radiant panel and convector, and heat is released into the relevant area The opposite is true when it comes to cooling. This means heat is extracted from the area in question via the MeandRo-V element.

The use of copper pipe and flexible connection hoses means the system results in almost no oxygen diffusion. Because water is low in oxygen, almost no corrosion is encountered and trouble-free operation can be safeguarded. The permissible operating pressure amounts to approximately 8 bar, which means several storeys can simply be included in a single circuit.

The MeandRo element only has limited water content and therefore low heat content. Therefore the MeandRo climate system quickly responds to temperature and/or volume fluctuations in the water supply. This means the MeandRo climate system is ideal for change-over systems.