Optimal comfort, hygiene and reduction of bacterial spread

The MeandRo-Clean climate ceiling is a powerful solution for companies with a strict hygiene requirement such as hospitals, care institutions, laboratories and medical practices. This system contributes to the ideal indoor climate with optimal temperature, hygiene, humidity and air exchange for each individual room.

The structure of the system
The space is provided with a copper diffusion-proof climate system in a metal bandraster system. The system is characterized by a copper tube that is connected to an aluminum expanded metal plate by a soldering process. This ensures a perfectly even temperature distribution over the entire active ceiling surface, which leads to the best possible energy transfer. A unique part of the MeandRo hygienic climate ceiling is the addition of a plastic foil that prevents dust and bacteria from nesting above the ceiling.

The hygienic effect of the closing plastic foil
A unique part of the MeandRo–Clean climate ceiling is the addition of a closing plastic foil. This foil is applied directly above the perforated metal ceiling panel and its application creates a barrier between the living area and the plenum. This prevents the spread of dust and bacteria without altering the effect of the climate ceiling. The cooling and heating capacities remain high and the acoustic properties do not change. In addition, the sealing property of the foil ensures that disinfectant can adequately disinfect the entire room, including the climate ceiling. Finally, the system can be completed with an overlying acoustic package.

The MeandRo-Clean system has already been approved by various hygiene committees of hospitals as a climate system in, among other things, intensive care rooms.

Product characteristics Inteco climate ceilings with the MeandRo-Clean climate system:

System characteristics:

  • Equipped with a sealing plastic foil that separates the space from the plenum.
  • Approved application by hygiene committee of various hospitals
  • Diffusion-proof system and suitable for change-over systems
  • Ideal for a fully separated system for cooling and heating (Combi-elements)
  • Individual integration systems (replacement of ceiling panels, future installation/removal)
  • Ideal for renovation and activation of existing metal ceilings
  • Low integration height (reduction in building height for new-builds/suitable for renovation)
  • Complete integration of in-built components (flexible / aesthetic finish)
  • Flexible design

Comfort benefits:

  • Cooling and heating (one system for cooling and heating)
  • Very high capacities
  • Equal temperature distribution (comfortable)
  • Excellent noise absorption
  • Noise insulation (optional)
  • High reaction speed (for changing water temperatures and volumes)
  • By adding a sealing plastic foil a hygienic solution - reduces spread of bacteria

Advantages during management:

  • Disinfectant can adequately disinfect the entire room, including the climate ceiling, by using closing plastic foil
  • Energy-efficient (low energy costs / low CO2 burden)
  • Maintenance free (low exploitation costs)
  • Complete access to the plenum (for maintenance)
  • Safe against fire
  • CE markings
  • Long life-span (> 20 years)
  • Solid system; sustainable in use and ideal for PPP contracts

Would you like to compare the MeandRo system with our other climate systems? View the MeandRo column in the overview below.


Broad experience

Inteco has already applied the MeandRo-Clean climate ceiling in the following hospitals:

ziekenhuizen klimaatplafond



In recent years, Inteco has also worked on improving the indoor climate of the following hospitals and care institutions:

Ziekenhuizen klimaatplafond


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