Concealed Grid

Absence of a visible mounting structure

The Concealed Grid systems from Inteco are characterized by the absence of a visible mounting structure. The even lines give a calm image in rooms with many corners or curved edge zones.

Simply hook up
In the case of Inteco's Concealed Grid Z system, the Z-profiles, together with transverse profiles mounted at right angles, form an invisible grid. In most cases rectangular ceiling panels are simply hooked into this. Because the panels connect seamlessly, an even and tight ceiling is realized. To detach panels you simply lift the adjacent panel.

It clicks immediately
With the Concealed Grid C system, ceiling cassettes are installed from below by pressing them into a grid of spring profiles. Special notches and stop edges keep the cassettes at the right level. To take out cassettes you must use a special tool supplied by Inteco. The generally square cassettes can be designed with or without a facet edge (= bevelled edge). Pivotable cassettes are also available. Both systems are suspended from the architectural ceiling by means of nonius hangers or wire ends. The Concealed Grid-Z and Concealed Grid-C systems ensure a stable base for the ceiling panels and good access to the ceiling void.

Depending on your aesthetic needs, you can complete Inteco's Concealed Grid systems with the following options:

  • Square panels
  • Rectangular panels
  • Special panels in consultation

The modulation of the Concealed Grid-Z system varies from 600 to 1800 mm for the length of the panels. The width varies up to 600 mm. The modulation of the Concealed Grid-C system varies from 600 to 1200 mm for the length of the panels. The width varies up to 600 mm.  

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