Plastic diffusion-proof climate system for cooling and heating

The OxzeRo® radiant panel has been fully developed in-house by Inteco and offers the perfect balance between price and quality. The OxzeRo® system offers a high resistance against oxygen diffusion and maximum capacity. Due to the use of plastic pipes and the absence of flexible hoses, OxzeRo® climate ceilings have a low investment cost per Watt compared to climate ceilings with copper pipe registers.

The OxzeRo® climate element features a pipe meander of 10 x 1.3 mm PE-RT pipe, which is resistant against oxygen diffusion in accordance with DIN4726, and is clamped in specially designed aluminium heat conduction profiles. The centre to centre distance of heat conduction profiles is determined on a project by project basis using the panel width and required capacities. OxzeRo® climate elements are glued into metal panels using elastic double-sided black tape, which has effective heat conduction properties. The combination of plastic pipe, aluminium heat conduction profiles and high quality glued bonding ensures perfect and consistent heat transfer between the OxzeRo® element and the ceiling panel. The OxzeRo® climate elements are set up in a series and then connected to distribution pipes on the RIXc (PE-Xc/AL/PE-Xc) pipe via the tubular meander and removable manifolds. This helps to save on separate connection hoses between the ceiling panels and distribution pipes, and limits the number of connections. An acoustic package is incorporated into the panel of the OxzeRo® climate element, which also serves as thermal insulation.

The OxzeRo® climate system distinguishes itself thanks to its high oxygen diffusion resistance compared to fully plastic climate systems, and is up to 10 times better than plastic climate systems that are deemed to be resistant against oxygen diffusion. This is done by combining the water-bearing 5-layer PE-RT pipe with aluminium heat conduction profiles. This substantially improves heat transfer from the PE-RT pipe to the ceiling panel and can reduce the required amount of PE-RT pipe by approx. 75%. In addition, distribution pipes on the OxzeRo® climate ceiling feature RIXc (PE-Xc/AL/PE-Xc) pipes, which are 100% resistant against oxygen diffusion due to the aluminium inter-layer.

Product characteristics Inteco climate ceilings equipped with the OxzeRo® climate system:

System characteristics:

  • Diffusion resistant in accordance with DIN 4726;
  • Suitable for change-over systems (low water content);
  • Low integration height (reduction in building height for new-builds/suitable for renovations);
  • Complete integration of integrated components (flexible / aesthetic finish);
  • Flexible design;
  • The PE-RT pipe for heat transfer in the panel also serves as the flexible connection pipe (no separate coupling and connection hoses needed).

Comfort benefits:

  • Cooling and heating (a single system for cooling and heating);
  • Very favourable price/capacity ratio;
  • Uniform temperature distribution (comfortable);
  • Effective noise absorption;
  • Noise absorbing (optional)
  • High reaction speed (for changing water temperatures and volumes)

Benefits during use:

  • Energy-efficient (low energy costs/low CO2 burden);
  • Maintenance-free (low operating costs);
  • Full access to the plenum (for maintenance);
  • Fireproof;
  • CE markings; 
  • Long life span (> 20 years).

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The OxzeRo® element consists of a meandering plastic pipe for water transport (outer diameter of 10 mm and wall thickness of 1.3 mm), the whole length of which is clamped using a specially designed aluminium heat conduction profile. The OxzeRo® climate element is produced and glued in a fully automatic production process, in the company's own production facilities, which means quality is always safeguarded. During the heating process, the OxzeRo® climate panel mainly releases heat into the space via radiation. When cooling, heat from the space is transferred to the ceiling panel, and then extracted from the relevant area. The permissible operating pressure amounts to approximately 6 bar, which means several storeys can be included in a single circuit.

The OxzeRo® element only has limited water content and therefore low heat content. The OxzeRo® climate system therefore quickly responds to temperature and/or volume fluctuations in the water supply. This means the OxzeRo® climate system is ideal for change-over systems.

Oxygen diffusion
Oxygen diffusion when using plastic pipes and multi-layer pipes in installations is subject to norm DIN 4726: 2008-10. This norm mentions what the maximum amount of oxygen diffusion per unit must be (m2 of tube wall or per m in tune length) in order to refer to the pipe as resistant against oxygen diffusion. Depending on how much piping (walls) is used in the installation, systems with plastic pipes that are resistant against oxygen diffusion in accordance with norm DIN 4726 could still contain oxygen-rich water.

That is why development activities for the OxzeRo climate system focused on providing very high cooling and heating capacity with a minimum amount of plastic piping. The unfavourable heat conduction properties of plastic pipes are compensated in the OxzeRo® climate system by increasing the heat-exchanging surface of the tube wall as well as the contact surface with the metal panel. This has been realised by clamping two thirds of the plastic pipe into the aluminium heat conduction profiles, and by gluing these 40 mm wider aluminium profiles into the ceiling panels. Due to the excellent heat conduction offered by aluminium, and the implemented glue connection, excellent heat transfer has been realised from the plastic pipe to the ceiling panel, and means the amount of required piping can be reduced by 75%.

The unique combination between the implemented oxygen diffusion resistant PE-RT pipe (according DIN 4726), the relatively low amount of plastic pipe and the 100% oxygen diffusion resistant RIXc (PE-Xc/AL/PE-Xc) distribution pipes mean the OxzeRo climate system requires hydraulic separation and the use of corrosion-proof materials. However, depending on the oxygen diffusion resistance of materials used elsewhere in the circuit, it may be necessary to implement pipes and incorporated components that are suitable for water with a higher or lower oxygen content. This helps to ensure problem-free operation.

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