Copper climate system for cooling and heating

The MeandRo® climate system, which has been developed and patented by Inteco, is a copper diffusion-proof radiant panel that is unique in the market. The system is characterised by a copper tube which is attached to aluminium expanded metal by a soldering process. Perfectly uniform temperature distribution is realised by implementing a heat conductor made from an expanded metal plate, which leads to the best possible energy transfer and unprecedented performance.

The MeandRo® element is inserted as integration system into the metal ceiling panel and clamped in place using the acoustic package and special compression springs or optional gypsum panels. The whole system is made into a sandwich package in the factory. The MeandRo® panels are connected to each other using flexible connection hoses or are connected directly to the distribution pipes using manifolds.

Effective heat transfer from the copper pipe and aluminium expanded metal to the whole panel surface helps to realise very high capacities and uniform temperature distribution across the ceiling panel.

The MeandRo® climate ceiling helps to realise the best results when it comes to noise absorption. The open structure of the expanded metal does not block perforation in the ceiling panel and makes the best possible use of the panel's acoustic package.

The MeandRo® climate element is an integrated system that offers the following advantages:

  • If necessary, the ceiling panel can be easily exchanged without having to disconnect the climate element's water supply.
  • The climate element can be easily removed if a wall needs to be built where the panel is located or if an integrated component needs to be inserted.
  • Existing metal ceilings can be easily be fitted with an activator.

Due to the use of copper pipes and high-quality flexible connection hoses, the MeandRo® system is:

  • Fully protected against oxygen diffusion. This means almost no oxygen enters the system and trouble-free operation is safeguarded.
  • A very solid and robust system, which is sustainable during use and perfectly suited to PPS projects.

Product characteristics Inteco climate ceilings with the MeandRo® climate system:

System characteristics:

  • Diffusion-proof system
  • Suitable for change-over systems
  • Ideal for a fully separated system for cooling and heating (Combi-elements)
  • Individual integration systems (replacement of ceiling panels, future installation/removal)
  • Ideal for renovation and activation of existing metal ceilings
  • Low integration height (reduction in building height for new-builds/suitable for renovation)
  • Complete integration of in-built components (flexible / aesthetic finish)
  • Flexible design

Comfort benefits:

  • Cooling and heating (one system for cooling and heating)
  • Very high capacities
  • Equal temperature distribution (comfortable)
  • Excellent noise absorption
  • Noise insulation (optional)
  • High reaction speed (for changing water temperatures and volumes)

Advantages during management:

  • Energy-efficient (low energy costs / low CO2 burden)
  • Maintenance free (low exploitation costs)
  • Complete access to the plenum (for maintenance)
  • Safe against fire
  • CE markings
  • Long life-span (> 20 years)
  • Solid system; sustainable in use and ideal for PPP contracts

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The radiant panel is fitted with the MeandRo® element in Inteco's production facility. This element consists of a copper pipe for water supply, measuring 8 x 0.5 mm and running back and forth, the full length of which is soldered on to aluminium expanded metal with an open structure. The expanded metal helps to laterally transport heat. And effectiveness is increased significantly because the pipes run in a perpendicular direction. Multiple small contact surfaces ensure effective and equal transfer between MeandRo® element and ceiling panel. During the heating process, the MeandRo® element serves as a radiant panel, which releases heat into the relevant area. The opposite is true when it comes to cooling. This means heat is extracted from the area in question via the ceiling panel.

The use of copper pipe and flexible connection hoses means that there is almost no oxygen diffusion in the system. Because water is low in oxygen, almost no corrosion is encountered and trouble-free operation can be safeguarded. The permissible operating pressure amounts to approximately 8 bar, which means several storeys can simply be included in a single circuit.

The MeandRo® element only has limited water content and therefore low heat content. The MeandRo® climate system therefore quickly responds to temperature and/or volume fluctuations in the water supply. This means the MeandRo climate system is ideal for change-over systems.


Cooling capacity
69 - 79 W/m2
Heating capacity
97 - 112 W/m2
Type of System
Copper diffusion-proof climate system

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