Lineair Grid

The ideal office size

Those who prefer an uncomplicated and yet versatile solution opt for Inteco's metal Linear Grid system. The partition walls are mounted under suspension channels that are placed at right angles to the facade. This way you can determine of how many axes the different offices exist. The suspension channel construction forms a sturdy modular gridwork in which ceiling panels, lighting fixtures and other components of equal length can be independently accommodated. These practical advantages are particularly effective in office zones.

Closing idea
The base of the suspension construction is formed by C-shaped suspension channels, which are fitted to the planned modulation at right angles to the facade. Because the long sides of the suspension channels are profiled up- and inwards, you are assured of a tight and accurate end product. The suspension channels are attached to the structural ceiling via coupling brackets with studs, allowing you to accurately determine the suspension height. In larger spaces, the suspension channels are interconnected via C-shaped coupling brackets, which prevent the suspension channels from sliding apart by means of special cams. The coupling seam closes exactly.

Eye for change
The LG 'clip' version gives you the possibility to move partitions at any time. The remaining fastening holes in the suspension channels are then hidden from the eye by means of a clip profile. Exchange of suspension channels is therefore superfluous. The suspension channels are provided on the visible side with a longitudinal groove, in which holes can be drilled on the spot. If there is no wall underneath, the clip profile level is clicked directly into this groove. Due to its high degree of flexibility, this well thought-out system is particularly suitable for office spaces that are rented out and that can be easily and quickly converted to the tenant's needs without any high conversion costs.

Depending on your aesthetic needs, you can complete the Inteco Linear Grid system with the following options:

  • Square panels
  • Rectangular panels
  • Special panels (in consultation)

The modulation of the Linear Grid system varies from 1200 to 2400 mm. The width of the suspension channel is between 80 and 200 mm.  

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