Metal coves

The finishing touch of a climate ceiling

In addition to mounting the ceilings and installing the built-in components, Inteco also ensures a neat finish of the climate ceiling and the connection to walls and columns. Often this is done by placing closing / finishing edges or coves, but in which situations can you apply coves? We tell you all in this article.

A cove can have several functions:

  • Realizing a height jump between climate ceilings at different levels;
    In corridors there are often many installations above the climate ceilings. Corridor ceilings are therefore installed lower in projects with a low floor height than in office spaces. This height jump can be solved very nicely with a vertical metal cove.

  • Finishing the space between the climate ceiling and the storey floor at the location of facades or voids (vertical cove);
    In situations where the glass in the facade extends beyond the ceiling level, with curtain walls and voids, the coves hide the view of the sides of the storey floors and prevent glimpses into the ceiling plenum.

  • Bridging the space between the ceiling and facade (horizontal cove);
    Where the ceiling is at some distance from the facade, the bottom of the floor or roof floor is hidden from view with a cove. It is also possible to integrate light or sun protection in this horizontal cove.

Coves and climate ceilings are executed in metal by Inteco and produced in the same way. In this way the cove has the same appearance as the ceiling and there is no difference in color or dimensions. Coves can even be provided with the same perforation as the ceiling, creating a homogeneous image and extra sound absorption.

The specialists at Inteco are always happy to look at the design of the cove and can advise you on both implementation and material use. To make what is beautiful even more beautiful!

Height jump in ceiling

Vertical coves in combination with climate ceilings in light streets

Cove including hidden lighting

Vertically perforated coves in void

Edge finishing

The expertise of Inteco

If you want a climate solution with a distinctive capacity, then you've come to the right place at Inteco. The climate ceilings of Inteco are developed and produced in-house from the Inteco R&D and production facility in Boxtel. In addition, we can build on the years of expertise of our advisors in the field of customization, renovation, design, innovation and sustainability. All these forces together enable us to flexibly and creatively anticipate your customized issues.

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