Rabobank Roermond


Engelman Architecten combined the need for high-rise with low cooling volume, and realised this with a glass reception and meeting area. The south-facing sloped tower block stands in its own shadow, which means the building does not get over-heated in the summer and requires less cooling capacity. The sloping volumes were designed as a sculpture and appear to move as one drives by. The building exudes a sense of dynamism, which perfectly matches the identity of the Rabobank.

Challenge: A lot of measuring and drawing due to sloping angles, and having to work with various types of differently shaped indoor spaces.


The challenging part of the project was to make sure the ceiling was compatible with the sloping walls of the building. The difficult part involved carefully aligning square timber and angles of the ceiling with the structure of the concrete outer-façades.


We did this by measuring each element on-site together with installers, and then had technical drawings created by the engineering department. The layout of the ground floor and first storey features many separate indoor meeting rooms, each with a different shape; some square, some rectangular and some parallel (see drawing). In addition, the meeting rooms featured different climate ceilings (60mm * 60mm OxzeRo clamping cassettes) than other areas (grid ceiling). So when it came to assembly, all the unique panels had to be cut individually, which meant the project was very labour intensive. We are very proud of the result and the craftsmanship we were able to display. Rabobank Roermond is a nice reference project because of the unique customisation we provided.









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  • Oxzero with Opticlean grids
  • Lighting: Philips Inteco integration fixtures

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Rabobank Roermond
Installation advisor
HOMIJ technical installations
Engelman Architecten

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Opticlean grids

Opticlean grids

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