Stylish and efficient integration solutions

A climate ceiling where innovative light fixtures have been effectively integrated adds an extra dimension to the offered thermal and acoustic comfort.

For over 15 years, Inteco and Signify (formerly known as Philips Lighting) have been perfectly matching their products and systems in order to realise stylish and efficient integration solutions.

Inteco-Signify integration solutions are characterised by: 

The best of 2 worlds:
By combining the knowledge and experience of the world's trendsetter in lighting (Signify) and a trendsetter in the field of climate ceilings (Inteco), a perfect solution can be found for any project.

Less is more principle:
Only light-producing parts of fixtures are visible in the ceiling. Compact fixtures by using high quality light sources and glass.

Flawless installation:
The size and installation requirements in fixtures and panels are perfectly compatible. Fixtures are simply and perfectly positioned in the ceiling.

Large variety in versions:
All Inteco-Signify fixtures can be fitted with the same light sources, pre-switching devices, light sensors, back-up batteries, etc. as standard versions. Optionally, almost all integration fixtures can be fitted with air ducts and noise attenuators.

Responsibility in one hand:
Inteco supplies and mounts Inteco-Signify integration fixtures and therefore guarantees everything needed to effectively perform projects, namely: correctly sized recesses, perfect installation, timely delivery, effective operation and, if applicable, an acoustic insulation wall in the ceiling, incl. fixtures.

In order to make the most of Inteco-Signify integration solutions, it is important for us to be involved in projects as soon as possible. We like working with you to find comprehensive solutions for your projects.

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