The finishing touch of a climate ceiling

In addition to the installation of the ceilings and the installation of the built-in components, Inteco also ensures a neat finish of the ceiling and connection to walls and columns. This is often done by placing closing / finishing edges or coves.

A cove can have several functions: ensuring an aesthetic course from ceiling to wall, concealing less attractive built-in components or as a fitting panel to accommodate variations. Often coves are used in situations where architectural or built-in components have to be visually embellished. For example, the exterior view of a storey floor near a curtain wall, the view of floors and floors from a void, or the height difference in ceilings between corridor areas and offices. In corridors are often many installations in the ceilings and the ceiling is lower than in offices. This height jump can be very neatly solved with a suitable cove.

Coves are executed by Inteco in the same material as the ceilings and are produced in the same way. In this way the cove has the same appearance as the ceiling and there is no color difference or difference in dimensions. Coves can even be made in the same perforation as the ceiling, creating a serene and homogeneous appearance.

The specialists at Inteco always look to the design of the cove and can advise you on both implementation and material use. To make what is beautiful even more beautiful!

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