Energy hedge

Heat from outdoor air

Solar collectors and classic Energy roofs are designed to use direct radiant heat from the sun. Because there are only a very limited number of sunshine hours during the heating season in the Netherlands, this set-up can only cover heat needs to a limited extent. In home construction, the maximum amount appears to be approx. 30%.

Inteco Energy hedge
The Inteco Energy hedge system, which combines a heat pump and a special Energy hedge, makes it possible to cover 90% of annual heating needs because heat is extracted from outdoor air via convection. The system can also be placed freely, which means it no longer has to be south-facing. Heat extracted in this manner is converted to a higher temperature, which is suitable for climate ceilings, inductions units or floor heating, using a heat pump. This requires very little energy. One can save approximately 70% in added energy compared to a conventional central heating system, whereby a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions is realised. Energy-efficient cooling is preferred in home-building and is a must for offices.

The same heat pump can also be used for cooling because the system is reversible. The heat pump functions as heater. In this case, heat extracted from the relevant space is released into the outdoor air via the Energy hedge. This can be compared to a refrigerator, where the cooled internal space represents the living zone and the hot radiator at the back represents the Energy hedge. This takes place silently because there are no ventilators on the roof, which allows one to reduce the accompanying energy. New alternative for heat pump/ground probe systems The Inteco Energy hedge system is a new alternative for the existing heat pump/ground probe system, which significantly expands the market for heat pump applications. For instance, for locations where, for a variety of reasons, it is not possible to place ground probes.

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