National Military Museum


The National Military Museum (NMM) shows the importance of the armed forces to society in the past, present and future. A wide range of large objects, like tanks, aeroplanes, armoured vehicles and helicopters, are on display. The museum is located inside a newly built aeroplane hangar. This hangar also contains an office complex which has been fitted with an Inteco climate ceiling.

Challenge: Allowing the black beams of the metal construction to continue into the structure of the climate ceiling.


Heijmans recommended using radiant ceilings in the climate concept because of the comfort-related preferences identified by employees. According to the architect, the RAL 8022 (black/brown) beams in the metal construction were an essential part of the design. These black/brown beams protruded from the façade and were expected to remain visible in the ceiling. We were able to realise this using black/brown (RAL 8022) grids. In addition, the light shafts in internal offices were a fixed design element and climate ceiling components had to be placed around them.


Due to the prominent and visible black/brown metal beams, construction tolerances for the whole building were measured after construction; only then could drawings for the ceiling be created. It was a real challenge to fix the ceiling in place because we had a plenum height between 4 and 5 metres. There was a metal beam construction, so we assembled heavy overarching profiles to which the climate ceiling could be attached. The assembly firm faced a real job actually getting these heavy constructions inside the building. This resulted in a ceiling that fitted perfectly within the design created by the architect.

Used products

  • MeandRo
  • Lighting (Philips fixtures)

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Specifications partners/customers

National Military Museum
Installation advisor
Felix Claus Dick from Wageningen Architecten

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