AdeRo Stuc

Plastic diffusion-open climate system for stucco ceilings

If you are you looking for the comfort of a climate ceiling and the appearance of a smoothly plastered ceiling, then the AdeRo stucco ceiling is a system that perfectly combines these characteristics. The plastic climate element is screwed to a base plate and a layer of stucco is then placed over the pipes. This gives the space a neutral appearance, while realising the very best cooling and heating system. Radiant heat allows the whole space to be uniformly cooled or heated. Silent and without air flow.

The climate element consists of a polypropylene (plastic) capillary climate mat. Uniform temperature distribution is realised because there is only a limited distance between capillary pipes. The stucco is placed on top of these mats.

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Structure of climate ceiling

  • Gypsum panel 12.5 mm thick, supply and installation by third parties.
  • Insulation layer above the gypsum panel, supply and installation by third parties.
  • The AdeRo plastic climate mat counted with double-sided mounting tape against the above mentioned gypsum panel; supply and installation by Inteco.
  • Pre-glued with Knauf Beto contact, supply and application by third parties.
  • Spraying, thickness circa 14 mm, Knauf Machineputz MP75, supply and application by third parties..

Climate mats

Climate mats made from polypropylene, consisting of two collection pipes with an internal diameter of 16 mm and wall thickness of 2 mm. Capillary pipes made from polypropylene, with an internal diameter of 2.3 mm and a wall thickness of 0.55 mm, have been connected to the collection pipes. The capillary pipes have been placed 15 mm from each other; this distance is safeguarded using spacing strips that have been placed horizontally on the climate mat at a distance of 200 mm (centre to centre). All fixed connections have been welded in the factory.

AdeRo mats have a maximum length of 6,000 mm and a maximum width of 1,200 mm.

The collection pipes in climate mats are, depending on the spatial layout, number and size of mats, either connected using mirror welding couplings or connected separately to the main piping network.

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