Problem-free insertion in difficult spaces

Inteco's T-Grid is a simple inlay system, consisting of narrow T-shaped grids in a somewhat smaller square or rectangular modulation. This makes the system very suitable for different and irregular space forms. Instead of flat panels, so-called sag tiles can also be used. In that case, the T-Grid is designed to be recessed, giving the whole a better looking finish.

No nonsense construction
With the T-Grid system from Inteco, the 24 mm wide head and intermediate profiles are connected to each other in a grid. The main profiles are suspended from the architectural ceiling by means of wire or nonius hangers. With the T-Grid system you ensure a simple and correctly finished ceiling with an easily accessible ceiling plenum.

Depending on your aesthetic needs, you can complement Inteco's T-Grid systems with the following options:

  • Square panels
  • Rectangular panels
  • Special panels (in consultation)

The modulation of the T-Grid system varies from 600 to 1200 mm. The maximum distance between the suspension points is 1200 mm.

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