Metal climate ceilings

The benefits and operation of metal climate ceilings.

How a climate ceiling operates

A climate ceiling is a so-called transfer system which allows areas to be cooled and/or heated. The basis for a structural (metal) ceiling featuring water-bearing climate elements. This means cold and hot water can be transported depending on whether heat or cold is needed in the concerned space.

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Architectural benefits

♦  Flexible layout while retaining design
♦  Installations out of view
♦  Low integration height in plenum
♦  Flexibility when redesigning buildings
♦  Integration with in-built components

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Working climate benefits

♦  Damping capacity of system
♦  Silent system
♦  Adjustable temperature and no draught

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Benefits of use

♦  Energy reduction
♦  Little maintenance
♦  Easily accessible
♦  Easy to clean
♦  Long life-span

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Compare Inteco's climate ceilings

Inteco offers various metal climate ceilings. We have compiled a useful overview for you, which can be used to compare our products. For instance, differences in capacity, noise absorption, sustainability, etc.

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