Benefits for working climate

Experience the silent effectiveness of a climate ceiling

Effective climate control

Silent system

If people feel good, this has a positive impact on their performance. That's why you should create workplaces that people enjoy. When doing so, effective climate control is essential.

The Inteco climate ceiling is completely silent. Air is injected into the area silently and the absorption of environmental air is maximised. As a result, additional absorbing features are often unnecessary.

Damping capacity of system

The acoustics in a room are determined by how noise is absorbed and insulated. By creating perforations in metal ceiling panels, and placing absorbent material on top, metal ceilings can perfectly absorb noise in the concerned space. And by placing enough mass behind the ceiling panel, one can prevent noise permeating into the plenum. This horizontal noise insulation offers major benefits because, in principle, you do not have to place barriers above the partition walls. Therefore, you still have the freedom to change the layout of the building, without having an impact on acoustic quality. Various perforation patterns are possible depending on your preferences concerning design and noise absorption. The acoustic properties of Inteco's products and systems are tested in accordance with norm ISO 354 for noise absorption, and in accordance with norms ISO 717, ISO10848-1/2 and ISO10140-2 for noise insulation.

Adjustable temperature and no draught

The temperature can be adjusted per room or configuration area. Depending on the configured and measured temperature, an automatic valve, which manages water supply to the climate ceiling, will be operated. The amount of water in the ceiling determines the capacity a climate ceiling offers and thus the temperature in the concerned space. Energy exchange primarily takes place based on radiation, which is perceived as very pleasant. This contrasts with so-called all-air or convective systems, like e.g. ventilator convector or split units, where energy transfer takes place via the air. In climate ceilings, air supply is determined by the need for fresh air and not by the required cooling capacity This means there is less air circulation in the area than under convective systems, with little chance of draught.

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