What are the benefits during use of a climate ceiling for the user and owner of the building?

Benefits during use

Energy saving

Climate ceilings have a large heat-exchanging surface, which means supply temperatures for heating are considerably lower than for radiators, for example. Because water temperature is relatively high for cooling, and the water temperature for heating remains relatively low, Inteco's climate ceilings can guarantee better performance and lower energy consumption. Due to these favourable temperatures, climate ceilings are often used in combination with sustainable generation systems like heat/cold storage in the ground. This means climate ceiling systems result in favourable energy consumption and are ideal for sustainable building designs which, for example, comply with the highest BREEAM certification.

Low maintenance, easy to access and clean

Inteco's climate ceilings have a long life-span and are more or less maintenance free. The high quality of these climate systems means quality barely deteriorates over time. In addition, normal tap water without additives can be used. Inteco climate ceilings are very easy to remove or disassemble, which means the plenum above always remains accessible. The active panels can also be easily opened, without having to disconnect water supply to the panels in question. This means installations above the ceiling remain easily accessible in case of e.g. maintenance. Effective coating treatment means the ceiling surface can be easily cleaned with special cleaning products. The aesthetic appeal of the ceiling can be retained by cleaning it once a year. 

Long life-span

All Inteco ceiling systems are designed for a life span of 20 years. Because Inteco completed its first large climate ceiling projects over 20 years ago, which are all still in use, we know that Inteco climate ceilings last a very long time. Inteco's standard metal climate ceilings feature polyester powder coating, which helps to extend their life span. All components are baked after removing grease and applying the coating. The process directly results in higher quality. Not only does the ceiling continue to look good for a long period of time, but it is also scratch proof and resistant to UV radiation.

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