Architectural benefits of a climate ceiling

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Architectural benefits

Flexible layout while retaining design

Inteco's custom-build method makes it possible to adjust the layout of the ceiling to suit the design of the building. The building and architecture are the two most important factors, not the ceiling solution. The dimensions of the ceiling, and all components used in it, are fully compatible with the building concept.

Unlimited options

A lot of freedom is offered for the layout because dividing walls or facilities no longer rely on the position of radiators, air conditioning units or pipes. When creating a new area layout, all one has to do is move the walls in order to incorporate (grid-based) climate ceilings. Metal is able to withstand a wide range of treatments. The variety in form and colour allows Inteco to harmonise interior solutions in very classic surroundings as well as high-tech environments.

Installations concealed

The aesthetic advantage is that climate technology is invisibly integrated into the ceiling and that tailor-made solutions, in terms of dimensions, colours, perforations and detailing, allow the ceiling to become a distinctive part of the whole architecture. Please refer to our sample cases.

Low integration height in plenum

Inteco has developed space-saving integration solutions for light fixtures and air vents, which means not a lot of plenum height is needed. In addition, one can work with smaller air ducts, which also limits the required plenum height.

Flexibility in re-planning buildings

Because horizontal noise insulation can be used in climate ceilings, in principle, there is no need for you to place barriers (pressure bulkheads) above partition walls. Therefore, you still have the freedom to change the layout of the building, without having an impact on acoustic quality.

Integration with in-built components

A climate ceiling is only complete once all components have been integrated into the ceiling in an effective and attractive manner. Inteco's climate solutions always match your specific requirements. This custom build approach makes it possible to effectively integrate separate components into a system, without making concessions in aesthetic quality. Inteco has various solutions for integrating components like lighting, air vents, speakers, evacuation signs, beamers, screens, energy sockets, sprinklers, etc. Together with our lighting partner Philips, we have devised space-saving lighting solutions that excel in design and functionality, and are also efficient when it comes to energy consumption. For instance, our latest LED solutions. Inteco has a long-standing partnership with Krantz when it comes to air distribution technology. Just like Inteco and Philips, Krantz is renowned for its high quality, knowledge and innovation. This means we can always respond to the latest developments and techniques when it comes to air solutions. Naturally, we are also able to effectively integrate other in-built components and products into our ceilings.

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