What is the ideal room temperature? How do you experience the climate with a climate ceiling?

When we talk about the room temperature, we actually mean the temperature of the air in the room. This is the temperature that you read and set to "thermostats" in the room. For your temperature supply, or thermal comfort, the prevailing radiation temperature also influences. A good example of this is that an outside temperature of 10 ° C can be comfortable if you sit in the sun and you experience the radiant heat from it. For the same comfort without the sun, the air temperature should be at least around 20 ° C.

Because capacity for climate ceilings is largely supplied in the form of radiation, a room temperature of 25 ° C is experienced just as comfortably in cooling operation as 24 ° C in the case of air cooling.

The most commonly used design room temperatures are 24 to 25 ° C in the summer and 20 to 21 ° C in the winter.