The Rijssen-based company has managed to establish a special position for itself by installing large-scale fibre-glass networks up to and in people's homes (Fiber to the Home, FttH). The new head office, which was designed by Maastricht-based Ritzen Architecten, features a variety of different shapes.

Challenge: A distinctive design that retains capacity and noise absorption.


Such buildings need climate ceilings that have been incorporated into the architectural design. Inteco supplied MeandRo SW climate ceiling islands for this project, which were then integrated into the special design. The oval form is eye-catching and was fully compatible with the building's finely-detailed curves. Another remarkable feature is the arched shape of the islands on the second storey, which follow the contours of the roof. The ceilings are made from a single piece of perforated aluminium sandwich panel, which is only 5.5 mm thick and has a structure consistent with corrugated cardboard. This gives the whole design a very streamlined look. The dimensions range from 4.50 to 5.50 metres, with a width between 1.25 and 1.35 metres. The upright edge of the islands on the ground floor and first storey is an attractive detail. Because the corrugated plate was only placed on one side of the flat panel, a flexible edge could be created to precisely follow the rounded shape of the island. The dividing line with light fixtures incorporated into the ceiling is also barely visible. This helped to create a smoothly flowing entirety between the panel and the fixture. An example of true craftsmanship.


Due to the eye-catching design, one could almost forget that ceiling islands have a primary function besides an aesthetic purpose. Aluminium sandwich panels and the meandering copper pipes on the back allow high cooling and heating capacities to be realised, which means the required temperature can be set in each separate area during the summer and winter. The MeandRo-SW islands were not only installed for heating and cooling purposes. The hundreds of perforation holes also ensured excellent noise absorption.

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