Lelystad City Hall


Installations and the building shell were modified so the building would comply with the very high sustainability ambitions. Under the motto 'the public comes first', the characteristic central hall was fully transformed into an accessible and inviting service area.

Challenge: Working with climate ceiling components that fit perfectly in the building's concrete recesses. The (large) panels needed to be stable enough and not sag in the middle.


The challenge involved using a climate ceiling that fitted perfectly in the concrete recesses of the existing building. This had to be realised using single-piece panels, which would not bend in the middle. With this requirement in mind, we came up with a solution by implementing an aluminium sandwich panel with a structure similar to corrugated cardboard. This structure and the use of aluminium created a super flat panel with a thickness of just 5.5 mm, with almost unlimited possibilities in terms of design, which also allowed very high cooling and heating capacities to be realised.


This resulted in panels measuring 1.40 by 1.40 metres with rounded edges compatible with the concrete recesses. We also created a mock-up at our production site, which involved precisely recreating a concrete recess to show what this application would look like in practice, including lights and sprinklers. We also tested how panels could be removed. This was a useful exercise because the system was highly successful on all fronts. Philips/Inteco integrated spotlights were incorporated into ceiling components so the edges of fixtures were out of sight; with just an opening in the panel to emit light.

Used products

  • MeandRo SW (aluminium sandwich panel) Concealed Grid ceiling with MeandRo climate system

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  • Design
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Renovation

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Specifications partners/customers

Municipality of Lelystad
Installation advisor
Ector Hoogstad Architecten

Used products



Copper climate system for cooling and heating

The MeandRo® climate system, which has been developed and patented by Inteco, is a copper diffusion-proof radiant panel that is uniqu...

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We aim for optimal comfort experience and will make any compromises.

Inteco's motto is: 'Comfort without Compromise'. We use our creativity, experience and expertises to fully integrate ceilings into the building concept.

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The building and architecture are the two most important factors, not the ceiling solution

The dimensions of the ceiling, and all components used in it, are fully matched to the building concept. Inteco has developed space-saving integration solutions for light fixtures and air vents, which means less plenum height is needed. Ideal for renovation projects.

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Comfort without Compromise

We develop concepts that enhance the aesthetic or historical characteristics of a building while realising comfort and performance-related benefits associated with climate ceilings.

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