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Brand Loyalty is located in the heart of Den Bosch, in a building where the former PNEM (Essent) offices were once located. The old building was completely stripped, and only the load-bearing construction - consisting of floors, columns and shafts - remained intact. The building looks magnificent. It is modern and streamlined and its design is based on the comfort of employees. There are meeting corners, quiet rooms as well as gathering places and cosy indoor squares. A large mezzanine and an indoor pond give the whole design an unexpected twist. In short: an office, but also a complete experience.

Challenge: Using large square climate ceiling components (900 mm x 900 mm).


Brand Loyalty and its architect opted for a ceiling with clamping cassettes and free-hanging façade coves. This required a tailor-made solution with millimetre accuracy! The selected ceiling components were also extra large (900 mm square) and featured less shine than normal; 8% instead of 20%. This created panels without glare or reflection. Indirect lighting coves, which followed the contours of the building, were then incorporated to create a smooth interaction with walls and the rounded edges of staircases.



Particular attention was also given to special elements like curved walls and rounded edges. A few challenges were encountered when it came to assembly, because some places were very difficult to reach. For instance, when placing the climate ceiling above the mezzanine and the indoor pond! We relied on the extensive experience of our fitters and were able to professionally install the ceiling components using special scaffolding constructions. The result was very impressive and we are proud to have played a role in these special premises. ‘A jewel of an office….’

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  • OxzeRo

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Brand Loyalty
Interior Architect
Voss Architectuur
Van Aken Architecten
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Deerns raadgevende ingenieurs bv

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Plastic diffusion-proof climate system for cooling and heating

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