The new office building of Amvest is located on the Cruquius Island in Amsterdam East. A beautiful building designed by Rietveld Architects with the vision to stimulate interaction. For example, a lot of glass was used and the workplaces are all on the same floor. With a building that is all about 'new working', the comfort and distinctive design of an expanded metal climate ceiling cannot be missed.

Challenge: Very large angled expanded metal climate ceiling panels with integrated moving benches


The architects for this project, Rietveld Architects and Roos Interior Architecture, had their eye on the Inteco MeandRo-V system. This is an expanded metal climate system with an extremely high cooling and heating capacity that can also serve as a visible product.

Regarding the visualization of expanded metal, there was a desire not to use the standard expanded metal, but a variant with a more open structure and to use this in very large, tilted ceiling panels of 900 x 1800 mm. Due to the size and limited rigidity of the expanded metal, a solid construction had to be developed to prevent sagging. For this purpose, a test set-up has been made in the Inteco mock-up room in which we have installed the climate ceilings under the project-specific floors including various variants of acoustic spraying. This has simulated the complete look and feel of the project and visualized all design options so that a well-considered choice could be made. For example, we tested the effects of the drill points on the acoustic spraying work, showed the expanded metal in different viewing directions and colors of the spraying work and the differences of the various coupling hoses, manifolds and brackets were mapped.

The low installation height was a nice challenge for our engineers. Craftsmanship has enabled them to reduce the required installation height by as much as 10 percent.

Creative and multifunctional use of sofas, tables and ceilings


Another nice challenge was hanging up the floating tables and benches from Denta Engineering. They developed horizontal frames that can serve as a table, standing table or sofa. This frame can also merge with the ceiling thanks to an electric drive mechanism. As the ceilings consist of expanded metal, it was up to Inteco to provide these frames with expanded metal. A challenge for our engineers, because the panels must integrate precisely to the millimeter with the climate ceiling panels. A successful exercise and the result can be: creative and multifunctional use of sofas, tables and ceilings.

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Rietveld Architecten
Warmtebouw Utrecht
Construction Company:
Bouwbedrijf M.J. de Nijs & Zonen B.V
Schoonderbeek Installatietechniek
Interior Architect:
Roos Interior Architecture

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MeandRo-V expanded metal

MeandRo-V expanded metal

Copper climate system on expanded metal for extremely high cooling capacity

The patented and officially tested MeandRo-V climate ceiling guarantees an extremely high cooling capacity, heating and flexibility in de...

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We aim for optimal comfort experience and will make any compromises.

Inteco's motto is: 'Comfort without Compromise'. We use our creativity, experience and expertises to fully integrate ceilings into the building concept.

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Comfort without Compromise

We develop concepts that enhance the aesthetic or historical characteristics of a building while realising comfort and performance-related benefits associated with climate ceilings.

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