In-house production facility

Optimum flexibility and creativity

In 1998 we started our own production facility in order to have an overview of our products and their quality. In addition, we can offer our clients flexibility and creativity, because we manage our own process after all! The R&D department has a full mock-up room and test room at its disposal, which means that we are able to develop and produce the test products and specials in-house.

Your benefits from Inteco's in-house production facility

- self-trained employees with an eye for the product and its quality;
- products are manufactured in the Netherlands;
- maximum creativity because we can implement adjustments quickly;
- possibility of flexible use of time and resources;
- We can save costs by applying lean methodologies in production.

We are ready for you!

Nice to meet you! We are the employees of the Inteco factory and make the climate systems and induction units for you. Every component receives our full attention and care.

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A mock up room; a look at the end result

In our mock up room we can place a test setup for you. This is very efficient if, for example, you still have doubts between two colors, lighting types or bandrasters. By visualizing the various options for you, we facilitate your choice.

view the test setups we have had in the past here

A test room for pre-testing the systems

Inteco stands for quality and that is why we attach great importance to the reliability of data. That is why we have built a test room in our factory according to the standards of test institutes such as Peutz BV in the Netherlands. This allows us to pre-test our products and systems before they are officially tested. This allows us to make adjustments quickly and to save time in the development process. In addition, we use the test room to calculate certain systems for our customers because: measuring = knowing!

We work according to Lean methodologies

We work according to the one-piece-flow principle, which means that we do not produce complete projects, but framed units such as a room, a floor or a building layer. Exactly as our clients want it; fast lead times, no unnecessary storage costs and room for unforeseen building complications.

watch the film about the one-piece-flow record attempt here