A test setup in the mock-up room

Proven effective

We facilitate your choice by providing test setups. In this setup we will then build in the elements that you still have doubts about. Consider for example the effect of color, different forms of built-in components or the viewing direction of the expanded metal. Proven effective! Below you will find a number of examples of test set-ups that we have provided for our clients in the past.

Goal mock up: What type of lighting do we choose with integrated air extraction?

Goal mock up: Do we place expanded metal 'view-open' or 'view-close'?

Goal mock up: What does the façade connection look like at this angle?

Goal mock up: In what color do we have the expanded metal sprayed?

Goal mock up: What is the effect of this height jump?

Goal mock up: What is the view of expanded metal?

Goal mock up: Can the climate ceiling be easily opened for work above the ceiling?

Goal mock up: Are we going for light or dark panels?

Goal mock up: What is the effect of the special sprayed acoustic material against the architectural ceiling?

Goal mock up: How do we place the emergency exit sign?

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