Vivesco A Series

The highest level of functionality and comfort.

The VivesCo A series is characterised by its very high comfort when cooling and heating, and its flexibility and low maintenance.

The VivesCo A series induction unit combines perfect comfort with maximum functionality and aesthetic appeal. The patented automatic air valve means air can be effectively blown into the relevant space during the summer as well as the winter.

The automatically adjustable air valves allow the air inflow angle to be adjusted and ensure high comfort when cooling and heating. This results in uniform temperature throughout the relevant space.

The A-300 unit has a modular width of 300 mm and the length can vary from minimum 800 mm to maximum 2400 mm.


The inflow direction will be adjusted automatically depending on the inflow temperature. When cooling, air is blown along the ceiling (Coanda-effect). When heating, the position of the valve is adjusted so a variable angle is created to blow hot air high into the relevant space. This allows the system to ensure uniform temperature and a high level of comfort.

Primary (fresh) air is blown into the unit's induction zone via 2 rows of aerodynamic discharge nozzle. These nozzles are inter-changeable, which means units can be easily modified to suit the new situation if there is a change in the function of the relevant space. The units can be adjusted to suit any situation because nozzles are available in various sizes. The bottom panel of the unit features a hinge, which means the insides of the unit, including the heat exchanger, can be reached and cleaned easily.

This flexible induction unit can be integrated into all ceiling systems, or be installed separately on a structural .



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