Customized solutions

Comfort without compromise

The Inteco team has already carried out hundreds of projects that have received our customized care and dedication. The product pages on this website give you an idea of ??the possibilities of our product applications. However, our services continue and they are always tailored to your project. Our strength lies in the details, the pro-activity in proposing improvement options and the possibility to visualize the conceived solutions for you with a test set-up in our own production facility with mock up department. In short: join us in the conversation and we will inspire you with advice that goes beyond your request.

Within our team we distinguish the following expertise:

Take a look at our expertise pages and be convinced by the strength of the Inteco working method or contact one of our advisers directly.

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Vivesco A Series

Vivesco A Series

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Climate ceiling island

Climate ceiling island

Partial coverage of the architectural ceiling

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Vivesco X Series

Vivesco X Series

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