The benefits and operation of climate ceilings

This distinctive characteristics of climate ceilings

Are you looking for the perfect indoor climate for your office, care institution, teaching building or residential centre? Climate ceilings offer you everything needed to realise this. A climate ceiling is perfect for creating comfortable indoor climates.

Why opt for a climate ceiling?

♦ Climate ceilings; the basis for a good indoor climate.
♦ The finishing touch to a building - now and in the future.
♦ If you want sustainability, consider a climate ceiling.
♦ A good long-term investment.

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How a climate ceiling operates

A climate ceiling is a so-called transfer system which allows areas to be cooled and/or heated. The basis for a structural (metal) ceiling featuring water-bearing climate elements. This means cold and hot water can be transported depending on whether heat or cold is needed in the concerned space. Energy exchange primarily takes place based on radiation, which is perceived as very pleasant. This contrasts with so-called all-air or convective systems, like e.g. ventilator convector or split units, where energy transfer takes place via the air.

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Climate ceilings are a cooling and heating system in one.

There is no need to invest in separate systems for heating and cooling. The likelihood of simultaneous heating and cooling is also ruled out. Climate ceilings make the indoor climate a lot more pleasant than when using all-air or convective systems like e.g. split-units and ventilator convectors. In many projects, they can be a source of draughts, noise and dry air. The same cannot be said for climate ceilings. 

Inteco offers various metal climate ceilings. We have compiled a useful overview for you, which can be used to compare our products. For instance, differences in capacity, noise absorption, sustainability, etc.

Looking for inspiration?

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Benefits for architecture

* climate ceilings can be modified to suit the layout of the building.
* Climate technology is invisibly integrated into the ceiling.
* The ceiling becomes a distinctive part of the overall architecture.
* Very little plenum height is needed.
* Inteco works with renowned partners when it comes to lighting and air vents.

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Benefits for working climate

* Always a pleasant and uniform temperature due to radiation and high cooling and heating capacities;
* Low air speeds and thus no draught or dust displacement;
* High acoustic comfort; silent system and pleasant acoustics due to noise damping capacity of ceiling panels.
* The ability to configure temperature separately in each room.

Benefits for users/building owners

* Low operating costs:
   - Low energy costs
   - Maintenance-free system
* Long life-span (> 20 years)
* Plenum always easily accessible
  (easy to access installations above the ceiling)
* Positive impact on sustainability certifications like BREEAM

Discover the various systems

Inteco offers metal, stucco and hybrid climate ceiling systems. Check out our models by visiting the product pages.

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