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Microsoft in Copenhagen was the first climate ceiling project in Denmark for Inteco and our first encounter with the Danish market. A market that is in motion. New construction concepts, new philosophies about sustainability and new partners and methods of working. It was a fantastic challenge for us! The Danish Henning Larsen architect consultancy is known for its sustainable and user-friendly design of integral projects. In Copenhagen they designed a project which housed Microsoft, offices and student accommodation. The Microsoft Campus takes up the largest part of the project with offices housing 700 employees. Inteco fitted the building with climate ceilings.

Challenge: Flexible layout connected to the structural ceiling


The climate ceilings can be found on the outside of the building and run over into acoustic mineral ceilings on the inside of the building. The project's challenge was the flexible layout connected to the structural ceiling.



A flexible layout was chosen with specially made grids to connect it to the structural ceiling. Perforated intermediate grids were used. Precision work and good communication between various parties like BGB and Inteco meant that the result was beautiful: an impressive Microsoft building offering a comfortable work place for all the staff.

Products used

  • OxzeRo

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Relevant expertise

  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Design

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Specifications partners/customers

Henning Larsen Architects
Installation advisor
Alectia A/S
Water and electricity installation

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