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The DELA Cooperation has renovated its headquarters in Eindhoven and offers workplaces for its own staff and is also open to the public with the restaurant and the Starbucks Espresso Bar. The floors have been modernized and made more sustainable by using high-quality materials with a long service life and good acoustic properties. The result is a flexible, healthy and inspiring working environment; entirely in keeping with the identity of the organization.

Challenge: re-use of materials and application of hybrid climate islands


In the context of sustainability, it has been decided to reuse materials wherever possible. With regard to the (climate) ceilings, Inteco has taken on an advisory role and clearly highlights all the pros and cons of the choices in order to achieve an optimum aesthetic end result. For example, we have partly replaced and partly reused the metal ceiling parts of the air-bearing ceilings. In addition, ceilings have been completely replaced by OxzeRo climate ceilings and the meeting and work places on the mezzanine are equipped with the Inteco hybrid islands. In short, a well-considered mix of different types of (climate) ceilings.

Realized in inhabited situation with short lead times


The short lead time in the engineering process was a great challenge within this project. Ruud Brekelmans of Construction Company Pennings is very pleased with the way in which Inteco has monitored the deadlines. “The men at Inteco have shown craftsmanship throughout the entire process and have taken care of everything for us. From monitoring the critical time points in the engineering phase to the eye for detail in the assembly phase. They work really well, understand their profession and can respond flexibly to situations. "

One of the objectives of the Pennings Construction Company was that DELA suffered as little trouble as possible from the renovation that took place while people were just working in the offices. “Inteco has given a perfect interpretation to this by, for example, already taking into account the limited storage and handling space at the construction site when supplying the parts. They show that in every phase they think ahead with the same drive as if they were going to work in the room themselves, ”says Ruud Brekelmans.

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Inteco shows that in every phase they think ahead with the same drive as if they were going to work in room themselves. The men of Inteco have shown craftsmanship throughout the process and have taken care of everything for us.

Ruud Brekelmans - Bouwbedrijf Pennings

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When doing so, sustainability serves as a benchmark

Inteco's ceiling solutions go hand-in-hand with the life cycle of the building. This is not only environment-friendly, but also offers the most financial benefits to clients. We also take into account what will happen to ceilings after their life span.

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The building and architecture are the two most important factors, not the ceiling solution

The dimensions of the ceiling, and all components used in it, are fully matched to the building concept. Inteco has developed space-saving integration solutions for light fixtures and air vents, which means less plenum height is needed. Ideal for renovation projects.

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