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The ASR head office in Utrecht was completely renovated in the 2013-2015 period. Sustainability and an optimal indoor climate are the key words of this project. Technical installations for, among other things, climate control have been replaced by modern, comfort-enhancing and energy-efficient systems, including the 45,500 m2 climate ceilings from Inteco. This ambitious project was awarded with various prizes, including the Dutch Construction Prize.

Challenge: Sustainability and constructive cooperation with all construction partners


This project was a nice and challenging project for Inteco, given the size and the cooperation with all construction partners. The architect, contractor and installer flew in on the project as a building combination, with Inteco acting as advisor for the climate ceilings. That the contract was awarded to the building combination was partly due to the many sustainable applications in the design. The head office makes a label jump from energy label G to A. The Inteco climate ceilings play an important role in this. We have actively worked with main installer Kuijpers on how we can optimally combine climate, acoustics, lighting and perception in this project.

In this project, Inteco is responsible for the engineering, work preparation, production, delivery and installation of more than 15,500 m² of climate ceilings. To ensure that the project went smoothly, we already looked - together with the installer - in the engineering phase where cable ducts, air ducts and sprinkler pipes were to be installed and where we could provide all suspension points with the ceiling. This kept conflicts between the various installations during the construction process to a minimum.



The applied climate ceiling system is the OxzeRo bandraster system, which was developed entirely in-house by Inteco. Both hot and cold water can be fed through the element, as required. An aluminum extrusion profile ensures perfect and even heat transfer. At the top the element is provided with an acoustic package that also functions as thermal insulation. This means that no additional noise-reducing measures have to be taken. Concealed Opticlean gratings are integrated into the ceiling panels, which ensure draft-free ventilation. On the north façade, Inteco BV has provided special coves in the ceiling that serve as a heating element to prevent a cold fall.

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Specifications partners/customers

A.S.R. Nederland BV
Kuijpers Speciale projecten
Installation advisor
Deerns Raadgevende ingenieurs BV
Team V Architectuur

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We aim for optimal comfort experience and will make any compromises.

Inteco's motto is: 'Comfort without Compromise'. We use our creativity, experience and expertises to fully integrate ceilings into the building concept.

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When doing so, sustainability serves as a benchmark

Inteco's ceiling solutions go hand-in-hand with the life cycle of the building. This is not only environment-friendly, but also offers the most financial benefits to clients. We also take into account what will happen to ceilings after their life span.

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The building and architecture are the two most important factors, not the ceiling solution

The dimensions of the ceiling, and all components used in it, are fully matched to the building concept. Inteco has developed space-saving integration solutions for light fixtures and air vents, which means less plenum height is needed. Ideal for renovation projects.

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