Two top players join forces for an ultimate comfort experience

PareauLux Climate ceilings: Visual, acoustic and thermal comfort in one system

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Two top players join forces for an ultimate comfort experience: PareauLux Climate ceilings

The PareauLux climate ceiling is the result of a collaboration between two top players in the climate and ceiling industry: Hunter Douglas for the distinctive design and material use of the slats and Inteco for the innovative climate system with extremely high cooling capacity. In addition to the already existing PareauLux-30BD climate ceiling , it is the launch of two new applications; the Wooden Grid and HeartFelt® , the crown on the unique collaboration.

Hunter Douglas & Inteco collaboration

The collaboration began a few years ago from a client request from (interior) architects to additional design options for the climate ceiling, according to Arie Groeneveld, General Manager Ceiling Benelux, from Hunter Douglas: have the know-how, experience and facilities to develop a panel climate system. The first joint project, NS Office Katreinetoren, was an immediate success and PareauLux-30BD became the first application name from the collaboration. ”Paul Ruijgrok, Managing Director of Inteco, can still remember the first joint project. “It was interesting to see how aesthetics and a good climate merged through this collaboration. A fine example of 'Comfort without Compromise. "

The creation of PareauLux HeartFelt® and Wooden Grills

According to Groeneveld, at the same time architects are increasingly focusing on felt. Especially after the introduction of Hunter Douglas product HeartFelt® . The emergence of the PareauLux-HeartFelt® was therefore a logical next step. When this system came out of Inteco 's comfort tests with excellent results, we knew that it could also be used with wooden panels. "The first reactions to the systems are enthusiastic," says Groeneveld. "Architects think it's great that there are two new materials with which they can combine design and building climate control." According to Paul Ruijgrok, general manager at Inteco, the system was also received very positively from the point of view of energy efficiency: “The PareauLux system is unique because it provides a surprisingly high cooling capacity, up to 130 W / m2. In comparison to a standard climate ceiling (69-79 W / m2 in accordance with EN 14240), this is on average 80% more capacity. In addition, a climate ceiling is pre-eminently suitable for sustainable generation systems such as a heat pump or LTV (low temperature heating). Another advantage is the long service life of the climate ceiling. That is on average 30 years. The operating costs (Total Cost of Ownership) of a building are becoming increasingly important, which means that the climate ceiling is becoming an increasingly interesting option for building owners and clients, ”says Ruijgrok.

Comfort experience in the broadest sense of the word

The PareauLux climate ceiling offers designers many new design options where design, acoustics and comfort are combined in one ceiling solution.

  • Comfort

The Pareaulux system is made up of a visible element, the panels, and a climate element. The climate element is 'the engine' of the system and consists of elements of fine-mesh expanded metal to which copper tube meanders are soldered. Cold or hot water is fed through these so-called climate elements as there is a need for cooling or heating in the room. The heat exchange takes place through a combination of radiation and convection, which is experienced as very pleasant. This is in contrast to so-called all-air or convective systems, such as, for example, fan coil units or split units, in which the energy transfer takes place exclusively by means of air, as a result of which drafts can occur.

  • Design

PareauLux HeartFelt® with felt panels gives a room aesthetic warmth. The panels are available in seven shades of gray and five earth tones and offer designers many design options. Thanks to the modular system, it is possible to vary virtually endlessly with panel size, joint width, mounting height and color. In contrast, the PareauLux Wooden Grid give a natural experience to the environment and this product group offers the designer complete freedom. The core of panels consists of MDF engineered solid wood (ESW) with a decorative top layer of veneer, melamine decor or a RAL color on the three visible sides. Due to the dimensional stability of ESW, there is much freedom in the width and thickness dimensions of the panels. PareauLux 30BD fits into a sleek and timeless interior and this product group also offers a range of design options. The system is available in a steel or aluminum version and interesting visual effects are possible, for example radial and diagonal patterns, finishes, colors and curves.

  • Acoustics

Excellent acoustic values can be achieved with the felt system, HeartFelt®. The absorption values (aw) of this climate ceiling are between 0.45 (module 100) and 0.70 (module 50). For additional absorption (approx. 0.95), a mineral wool blanket in black PE film can also be applied above the climate element. This also applies to PareauLux Wooden Grid. The PareauLux 30BD ceiling panels can be perforated with various perforation patterns with a sound-absorbing membrane, which considerably improves the acoustic comfort of a room.

Sustainability and fire safety

Both HeartFelt® and the 30BD ceiling system are Cradle to Cradle ™ level Bronze certified, with more than 90% aluminum panels made from recycled aluminum. The panels of PareauLux Wooden Grid are fully recyclable even after many years of use. For more information, read the PareauLux product page.

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