PareauLux® - Wooden grid

Comfort with extremely high cooling capacities & a natural look

PareauLux wooden grid is an ideal solution with a natural look. The aesthetic design is combined with a climate system with an extremely high cooling capacity. With the PareauLux system you achieve 80% more capacity than with a standard climate ceiling.

PareauLux-solid wood grid is an ideal solution with a natural look. The flexibility of the product range ensures complete design freedom. The core of slats consist of MDF engineered solid wood (ESW) with on the three visible sides a decorative top layer of veneer, melamine decor or a RAL color.

Due to the form stability of ESW there is a lot of freedom in the width and thickness dimensions of the slats. The slats are factory-made into a grill element by means of a metal dowel or plywood crossconnector. Of course, the Grill meets the most stringent requirements in relation to fire safety and emissions and are fully recyclable after many years of use.

Acoustic comfort is of great influence on the experience of a room. For the absorption of sound energy, a mineral wool blanket is applied in black PE foil above the climate element.

The power of the PareauLux Climate ceilings

Visual, acoustical and thermal comfort in one system.


• 80% more capacity than a standard climate ceiling ¹
• Unprecedented design freedom
- Materialisation (felt, wood, aluminum, steel or a combination of materials)
- Visualisation (panel distance, total ceiling design and colour)
- Acoustics (aw value up to 0.90)
• Collaboration product of 2 top players in the market
• A-quality parts and total application
• Sustainable solution
• Acoustic comfort
• Hardly combustible ²

¹ PareauLux 110 - 130 W/m² in accordance with EN 14240
² Depending on the regulations of the country concerned

Two top players join forces for an ultimate comfort experience.
The PareauLux linear climate ceilings have been created through a collaboration of two top players in the (climate) ceiling industry. Hunter Douglas for the distinctive design and material use of the panels and Inteco for the innovative climate system with an extremely high cooling capacity. With this product you are assured of a comfort experience in the widest sense of the word. Read more on this unique cooperation.

Cooperation partner Hunter Douglas



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The operation of the ceiling

The ‘engine’ of the PareauLux climate ceiling system consists of elements of finely meshed expanded metal on which copper pipe grinders are soldered. In these so-called climate elements, cold or hot water is supplied, depending on whether there is a need for cooling or heating in the room. The heat exchange takes place on the basis of a combination of radiation and convection, which is experienced as very pleasant. This in contrast to so-called all-air or convective systems, such as fan convectors or split units, where energy transfer takes place exclusively by means of air. In climate ceilings, the air supply is determined on the basis of the need for fresh air and not the required cooling capacity. The air circulation in the room is therefore lower than with convective systems and the risk of draft is minimal. The temperature is adjustable per room or control area.

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