New: MecuRo climate system

Oxygen diffusion-proof quality product for high capacities at an attractive price.

MecuRo climate system - An optimal price-quality ratio

The MecuRo system is a cross between the Inteco MeandRo and OxzeRo system in which the copper tube registers and flexible hoses from MeandRo are combined with the aluminum heat conducting profiles of OxzeRo glued into the panels. In the MecuRo system, a meander-shaped element is formed from a copper tube. The pipe master is clamped with the straight ends in aluminum thermal conducting profiles. The heart-to-heart distance of the thermal conduction profiles is determined on a project basis based on the panel width, the required capacities and required acoustic performance. The MecuRo climate elements are glued into the metal panels by means of an elastic and thermally well-conducting double-sided adhesive black tape. The combination of copper tube, aluminum thermal conducting profiles and high-quality adhesive bond ensures perfect heat transfer between the MeandRo-P element and the ceiling panel.

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Comparative overview climate ceilings

Versatile in design

The MecuRo climate system can be used in combination with almost all metal ceiling systems, both in terms of support construction and panel size.

Optimal integration

With the Inteco MecuRo climate system, the integration of grids, lighting and other built-in components can also be set up according to your wishes.

Optimum acoustics

A blanket of stone or glass wool serves for sound absorption and thermal insulation to the plenum. In addition, the back of the panel can be provided with a gypsum or steel plate to prevent crosstalk between adjoining rooms with the climate ceiling (= horizontal longitudinal sound insulation).

Oxygen diffusion-tight system

The MecuRo panels are manufactured by means of flexible oxygen diffusion-tight connection hoses interconnected or connected directly to the manifolds by means of quick-action couplings.

The climate system with the optimum price-quality ratio

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The MecuRo system

The advantages at a glance:

Versatile in design

Application with all metal ceiling systems

Attractive in price

Glued aluminum thermal conducting profiles

Oxygen diffusion-tight

No emergence of oxygen in system

High capacities

By perfect heat transfer

Suitable for change-over systems

Widely applicable

Low installation height

Saving building height in new construction / suitable for renovation

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