Oncologie Centrum Bravis

The oncology centre offers a place where living with cancer is central. The centre was built and furnished in accordance with the principles of the ‘healing environment’, creating a comforting treatment environment with consideration for the individual and their life.

Challenge: Ceiling with many parts cut to size and sloping walls within a short completion timetable.

Just carrying it out was this project's challenge. It was an extremely elaborate ceiling because of the many parts that had to be cut to size and the sloping walls. Despite the amount of customisation, we were still able to complete the ceiling on schedule.


We used a T-beam ceiling in modules of 1,200x600 and 600x600 mm with a MeandRo climate system and integrated covered Opticlean grids. The return air is drawn to the plenum via air ducts at the edges of the ceiling. The patients in the centre benefit from the exceptional sound absorption of the MeandRo climate ceiling.

Products used

  • MeandRo
  • Opticlean grids

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Relevant expertise

  • Tailor-made solutions

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Photographs by kind permission of a/d Amstel Architecten.


Specifications partners/customers

Bravis Ziekenhuis Roosendaal
Water and electricity installation
Engie Services Zuid-West
a/d Amstel Architecten


Project type
Healthcare institution
Type product
MeandRo / Opticlean Grids

Used products

Opticlean grids

Opticlean grids

Invisible inlet grid

Inteco works with Krantz to supply and monitor invisible inlet grids. The OPTICLEAN grid induces air outside the grid, which means little...

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Copper climate system for cooling and heating

The MeandRo climate system, which has been developed and patented by Inteco, is a copper diffusion-proof radiant panel that is unique in ...

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We aim for optimal comfort experience and will make any compromises.

Inteco's motto is: 'Comfort without Compromise'. We use our creativity, experience and expertises to fully integrate ceilings into the building concept.

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