Nordea Copenhagen


The design of the new Danish headquarters for Nordea, one of the largest banks in Scandinavia, is based on transparency and sustainability and has thus received recognition from the American Institute of Architects.

Challenge: The ceiling panels not only had to be phased, they also had to be mounted at an angle.


Inteco provided MeandRo climate ceilings for the open office environment. The roof of the office runs at an inclined angle downwards and the ceiling follows this inclined line. This gave Inteco a double challenge: the panels had to be cut and adjusted at an angle, and mounting took place under an oblique corner. The highest point where the installers mounted was 7 meters above the floor. A big challenge and not suitable for people with height anxiety!

The ceiling is designed in its entirety in 3D and then produced and mounted in a precise work at height where all panels are adapted to this unique project.

The Nordea building won an Honor Award in 2018 by the American Institute of Architects. In addition to this prestigious award, the project was set at the institute's new sustainable future award. Read more about this award.


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  • Meandro

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  • Design

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Henning Larsen Architects
Installation Consultant:
MTH Højgaard A / S
Airteam A / S

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